Nimai and Brahman's Offering

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Russia, 11 August 2003


Mahaprabhu did so many Pastimes, you would not believe how many—if I was to tell His whole Pastimes, all time would be finished. His life is described in the scriptures, in Sri Chaitanya-bhagavata and others.

For example, when Mahaprabhu was just four years, an old sannyasi came to His house. Jagannath Misra said to him, "Please, cook and take prasadam here today." The sannyasi agreed and cooked an offering. After he finished cooking, he went to the Deities to offer the bhog. Suddenly, Nimai, a four-year-old boy at that time, came and started eating the bhog. The sannyasi chastised the boy, "Why are You doing this?!" and Nimai ran away.

Jagannath Misra and Sachi Mata were very surprised to hear the sannyasi shout. They asked him, "What has happened?" The sannyasi explained, "I was offering the bhog, but this boy, Nimai, has taken it!" Nimai's parents apologised, "What can we do now? We are great sinners... A sannyasi comes, but we cannot give anything to him..." then they asked him again, "Please do not mind Him. Please cook again..."

The sannyasi agreed and cooked again. After he finished cooking, he again went to offer the bhog to the Deities, but Nimai came again. The sannyasi chastised Nimai, and again He ran away. Nimai's father, Jagannath Misra, followed Him to punish Him, but although Nimai was such a small boy, His father could not catch Him. What to do?

Nimai ran to a neighbour's house, and in the meantime Sachi Mata and Jagannath Misra began to cry, thinking that the sannyasi would not take anything without offer the bhog and that he could not take prasadam at their house. Then, Vishvarup, Nimai's elder brother, came home. He asked, "What has happened in this house? Why is everybody crying?" The sannyasi explained to him, "I have tried to offer the bhog two times already, but each time your brother came and ate it!" Vishvarup understood what had happened and asked the sannyasi, "Please, I am requesting you—cook and offer the bhog one more time. I will guard Nimai and make sure He does not come." The sannyasi agreed.

So, he finished cooking and again went to the Deities to offer the bhog. Just before offering it, he went to see what Nimai was doing. Seeing that Nimai was sleeping with His mother, he thought, "OK, now He will not come. He is asleep." He went to offer the bhog to the Deities. Closing his eyes, he began reciting the mantram and apologise, "I have done much wrong today—I have not been able to make an offering to the Deities..." As the sannyasi was praying in this way, he suddenly opened his eyes and saw Nimai had come there again!

He chastised the boy so much, "You have come again!? Get out of here!" Nimai said, "No. Why do you call Me then? You offer the bhog and call Me, and when I come you tell Me to go! What kind of a sannyasi are you? What kind of a pious man, are you? What kind of a Vaishnav are you? First you call Me and then you tell Me to get out! What is this?!" Then Nimai told him, "Nobody is here now, listen to Me. You do not know who I am." Having said this, Nimai showed the sannyasi His forms, "I have shown you the form I have in Satya-yuga, in Dvapar-yuga, in Treta-yuga. It is Kali-yuga now, and I am showing you who I am. Never tell anybody about it." The sannyasi understood who the boy was and prayed, "Please forgive me. I did not know who You were."


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