Our Mission, Our Life

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
28 July 2011, part 3


Our Srila Sridhar Maharaj's mission is the main thing for us. You know that Param Guru Maharaj left Mayapur and came to Nabadwip—staying separately in one corner, he wanted to do nirjan bhajan in a secluded and very auspicious place here in Koladwip. He came to this place through the inspiration that he had received from his Guru and did not want to make so many temples—Gurudev made many temples, I also joined him. Sometimes Gurudev told me, "You are making big temples, but you must be careful—you must protect them, and it is very difficult."

Now I think, "Oh, there are so many temples, and there are so many problems coming—there is always a big headache coming to me, always!" They cannot manage the temple themselves, that is why I think, "I do not want to make more than already exists, I do not want to make so many temples."

Gurudev also said, "Sometimes, you can make a preaching centre, but do not make so many Deities because you have to arrange a cook, arrange for the Deity's pujari, and it is difficult to find a pujari, it is difficult to find a cook for the Deity—they must give bhog (offering) to the Deity five times a day, it is very difficult. That is why you should not make so many Deities." Now I also think like this, but when Gurudev told it to me, at that time I could not understand it, so when somebody wanted to donate some land, I always took, took, took. Gurudev said to me, "You are making big arrangements, you are capturing so many things, but you have to protect the temples, and it is very difficult." Now I understand it. At that time, Gurudev was above me and I did not worry about anything, but now all burden has come to me and now I also think it is too difficult.

That is why I am praying to all the devotees... You can easily understand what Gurudev wants, what Gurudev wanted. If your thinking is perfect, if you surrender to your Guru perfectly, then you can easily understand it. But if your surrender is not 100%, not 50%, if your surrender is not complete, then it is not easy to understand your Guru, it is not easy to understand what Gurudev wants. Such foundation will come through practising—if your foundation is not strong, then everything will collapse. The foundation must be strong.


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