Perfect Service Environment

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj,
Speaking online to devotees in Caracas, part 8
22 July 2012


I have some idea, but I know it is very difficult for Caracas because the temple is very small there... My idea is that we can make three kinds of places—in one place, only householder devotee will live; in another place, only women will live (those who have no husband, no family); and in the third place only boys, men who have no wife (brahmacharis, vanacharis) can live. This kind of arrangement would be good. If we can do this in future, it will be good for everybody.

Otherwise, if everybody mixes together, then some problem will always come. Even Mahaprabhu Himself said to Pradyumna Misra, "I am a sannyasi, but even if I see a prakriti (a lady's picture), My mind can change." It is always like this. That is why I am telling about this idea to the temple management in Caracas. If we can make it in this way—if we can arrange so that ladies will be separate, householder devotees (husband and wife) will live separately, and all boys (who have no wife) can live separately, that will be good for the temple, the future will be good then.

I know it is very difficult to find and secure the land, but we must try—if we try heart and soul, Krishna will fulfil our desire.

Ask them if my idea is OK or not.

Devotee: Yes, actually we already have it here in that way now. Married devotees live in one room, and brahmacharis in another room...

But that is in the same building...

Devotee: Oh, I understand, it should be not in the same building.

Yes, in different places, not the same.

Actually, householder devotees can stay with their wives, it is not a problem; those who have no wife, who have separated from their wife, can live in the same place with the brahmacharis; and the girls who have no husband, who are not married or their husband has left, can live together. To have it in that way is good. I have one place in mind, but it is too far from the city—I like Turgua, if you can get that kind of land here in town, it would be very good. Everybody can come together to the temple for service, and at other time they can do their own job, follow their own lifestyle—that is good. Like in Nabadwip, you know that here brahmacharis and sannyasis live in one building, householders live in another building and single ladies live in another building.

Does everybody agree with that?

Devotees: Yes!


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