Service Life, Service Consciousness

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
10 May 2015, Sri Nabadwip Dham, part 5


If somebody is going to hell, it is your duty to remove them from there. Somebody may think, "Let them go!" No. Your duty is to remove them from there. It is your duty. Try, and try, and try. Try! Always try for them, give your blood for them! After that, if it does not work, then what can you do? You will be hopeless. First you must try and try. Always think, "Why are they not coming to this path? These people have fallen into the bondage of illusion, they covered by the darkness of illusion... They have fallen into the ocean of material life—once they leave their body, they will again struggle in this ocean..."

There is no prohibition to live a family life, neither is there a prohibition to raise children, but you must make your family Krishna's Family and you must give up bad habits. You must cook for Govinda, you must work also for Govinda, whenever you plant anything in your garden, you plant it also for Govinda. It is not like if you offer everything to Govinda, you will have nothing to eat. This is not true. When you offer something to Govinda, Govinda keeps His prasad for His devotees. Here at the temple too—we cook every day for Govinda, it is not like any of us lives here without taking food every day. Every day we cook for the Lord and every day everybody takes prasadam up until their neck. Is there any problem? That is called Krishna's Family—cooking is done for Govinda, everything is for Govinda, and we live happily and joyfully with that, we take prasad. You can have a car, a house, everything.

The Lord says, "If you think about Me, I will think about you," but if you think about yourself, Krishna will run away from you thinking, "They always keep on asking Me ("I want this," "I want that," "I want a car," "I want money," etc.) and disturbing Me." Just as the outside people say when they do puja of demigods (they do not worship the Lord, they worship demigods), "Dhanam dehi, vidyam dehi, rupam dehi," etc. is it not so? "I want money," "I want to be beautiful," "I want knowledge," and so on. They use the Lord.

Gurudev says there are three types of devotees—guru bhogi, guru tyagi, guru sevi (somebody uses their Guru, somebody rejects their Guru and somebody serves their Guru). Somebody comes to Gurudev, pays obeisance and brings their granddaughter saying, "Gurudev, please give some mercy to her. Please put your hand on her head." Once, when this happened, Gurudev said, "You see? He is using me..."


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Spare Yourself
'Computer eats your brain. Gurudev told this to me. Devotees also want to engage me in computers, but I do not want to. Sometimes they give me a smartphone, but they do not understand why I do not take it.'


Ki-rupe paiba seva
'It is not possible to conquer maya by engaging in maya. I see no other way to get relief except for the mercy of sadhus.'
কিরূপে পাইব সেবা

Mind is naughty, dusta, and it must be always controlled.