Sri Govardhan Puja (2):

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Govardhan Puja Programme
29 October 2019, translated from Bengali, part 2


Krishna Himself said, "I am Govardhan!" If you worship Govardhan, it is not necessary to do any other worship. Sometimes people say that worshipping Govindaji and worshipping Govardhan is different, but this is a misconception. Krishna Himself told, "I am Govardhan!" When Sriman Mahaprabhu gave Raghunath Das Goswami the right to do service (seva-adhikar), He gave him a gunja-mala (Srimati Radharani) and a Govardhan sila. Also, I have told you before how Govardhan appeared.

Actually, you must not think that Govardhan is a stone. You must serve Govardhan with sincerity (nistha) and following all rules of service (seva-niyom).

I remember a few years ago there was a lady from Russia here who wanted to decorate the altar and Govardhan in her own way. I told her that it was not necessary and told her not to go inside the altar. Actually, Gurudev told also that Govardhan already has His own eyes—it is not necessary to put extra eyes on Him, etc. Then, it was the evening of the adhivas day. The lady did not listen to me and went inside the temple to put eyes and some other decorations. I was standing by the gate when I suddenly heard so much shouting coming from the inside. I thought, "What happened?" It turned out that Govardhan fell on top of her! She could not come out, so she began shouting. I quickly took four foreign devotees who were there at that time—they were very strong, like Bhagavan, Snigdha Krishna, et. al.—and told them, "Come, come, come! Go quickly there and rescue her!"

So, if you, for example, do not bathe and go to serve Govardhan or enter the room of the Deity in an unclean state, it is not good.



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