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Proper Receiver and Proper Mother

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Kolkata-Worldwide, 26 April 2020, part 3


Today is aksaya-tritiya. It is called an auspicious day to start some works. If you can start any works from today, it is a good day.

Are there any questions from anyone?

Question: What is the proper attitude when asking Sri Gurudev questions and how can we be good receivers of his instruction?

It is always necessary to have a surrendered mood, to be always humble, tolerant and to give honour to others. You can ask a question if you have a surrendered mood. As for being a proper receiver, you must attentively concentrate your mind, concentrate your life and think only how to fulfil Gurudev's desire, how to make Gurudev happy, how to make the Lord happy. Also, suppose you are doing some service today—you must do it and think how you can make it better tomorrow. It is necessary to have this kind of attitude. To be a proper receiver actually means that you must listen not only with your ears—you must listen with all your senses. You must concentrate your eyes, your mind, intelligence, ears—you must concentrate everything on what Gurudev is saying and think about that. If you can hear Gurudev's word properly, if you can understand what Gurudev is saying, then you can be a good receiver.

Question: How can I be a good mother in Krishna consciousness?

A mother must teach her children properly. A mother will always teach her children proper Krishna consciousness starting from how to pay obeisance to the Lord, how pay dandavat, how to do the arati, etc. Little by little teach your son to sing some short kirtans, little by little teach him to play the mridanga, etc. Gradually teach your children proper things. A proper mother is she who teachers her children properly.

Actually, it is very difficult to teach children Krishna consciousness in this age of Kali because of Kali's prevalence (pradurbhav, প্রাদুর্ভাব) all over the world. Kali vehemently destroys good things and takes people's minds in a bad direction. That is why, it is necessary to keep good association. If a mother becomes a good devotee herself, then she will be able to teach her children Krishna consciousness properly with her good association; she will be able to give them proper guidance, and that will be good for children. If you do that, one day you will be proud to see that your son has become a sannyasi, or your son has become a brahmachari, and practices properly. When your son attains a high position, when he gets proper guidance from his Guru and follows his Guru's instruction, his Gurudev's order, when your child serves Gurudev properly, then you will also become proud to see that; then you can think, "OK, at least my child has become a devotee."

When you come to Gurudev's line, you can become a proprietor of Gurudev's property. Gurudev's property is not his temple, building—not that. Gurudev's property is devotion, love, affection, prema...



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'If in this life you think, 'This is my house, I will not leave this house,' then next birth you will become a lizard. Attachment is a very dangerous thing. The kind of attachment you have for your family life should come for your Guru, the Vaishnavs, and Bhagavan.'


Krsna haite chatur-mukha
'Sri Rupa's dear followers are the great souls Sri Jiva and Sri Raghunath. Their dear follower is Srila Krsnadas Kaviraj. His dearmost follower is Sri Narottam, who is ever engaged in divine service. His feet are the aspiration of Sri Visvanath Chakravarti Thakur.'
কৃষ্ণ হৈতে চতুর্ম্মুখ

It is bad to sleep at the time of sunrise and sunset; it is good if you chant
the Holy Name at this time.