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Meaning of Chastity

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Kolkata-Worldwide, 26 April 2020, part 4


I always worry about devotees because they are suffering so much in this situation. I always pray for them that Krishna may protect our devotees all over the world so that they may again practise properly and preach in this movement. I also cannot go for preaching or any public places now, this is a problem for me. I have cancelled many programmes because we cannot make any public gatherings, this is a government rule, but not everybody can join a skype programme—some people live in villages, they have no means of communication, their only instrument is a telephone. Anyhow, it will pass soon. This kind of virus comes every twenty years...

Are there any other question from anybody?

Question: You always say that it is necessary to have chastity to the Guru. What does chastity mean?

Chastity is a very high thing. Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur wrote in one place, "Who is better—Gopijana-Vallabha or Radha-Vallabha?" Gopijana-Vallabha is Krishna and Radha-Vallabha is also Krishna, but who is better? In our practising life, Radha-Vallabha Krishna is more than even Gopijana-Vallabha Krishna. Radha-Vallabha means Srimati Radharani always fulfils Krishna's desire. She does not know anything, She does not want to know anything—She only wants to know and She only knows Krishna. That is called chastity.

Those who have chastity, have no other inquiry. They have no suspicious about anything else, they do not think about anything else, they do not want to hear anything else, they do not want to listen to anything else, they do not want to know anything else—they only know their Guru. That is called chastity. Only this.

However, in this world, we sometimes mix in some alloy because if you want to make an ornament, pure gold may not work sometimes. We may mix in alloy to level things out, to maintain harmony, but our hearts will be always with our guru. We may sometimes show some alloy, but our hearts will always be with our Gurudev. This is the main thing.

I will never try to clarify (examine) what Gurudev has said. I will not go to see if what Gurudev has said is there in Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita or not. I will not try to scrutinise it. When Gurudev says something, that is Srimad Bhagavatam. I do not know about others, but for me, what Gurudev says is Bhagavatam, what Gurudev says is the Veda, and I do not want to check if these things are actually there in the Bhagavatam or not or if these things are there in the sastra or not. What Gurudev has said is sufficient, his word is final for me.



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Preaching Guidance: Main Priority
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