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Verse Contents


Verse Subject
1 Sri Krishna's Worshippable Position.
2-5 Gokula, the Holy Abode of Sri Krishna.
6-7 Krishna's aloofness from external Maya's association.
8-9 The male organ principle associated with external Maya.
10-21 The principle of Creation; the appearance, from Garbhodasayi Maha-Visnu, of Visnu, Prajapati and Rudra as the presiding Deities of sattvaguna, rajoguna and tamoguna; the subsequent creation of the living beings and their integral relationship.
22-23 Lord Brahma's birth from the lotus of the navel of Lord Visnu, and Lord Brahma's desire to create the world.
24-25 Brahma receives Kama-blja and Krishna-Mantra from Krishna.
26 Brahma's meditation on Krishna.
27-28 Brahma receives Kama-Gayattri and attains to twice-born status.
29-55 The Quintessence of the Vedas—Brahma's hymns unto Krishna.
29 Krishna's Divine Seat, Gokula.
30-33 The incomparable beauty of Krishna.
34 Refutation of all paths that are not Pure Devotional Service.
35 The Almighty Potency of Krishna.
36 The devotee's attainment of an appropriate intrinsic form and state according to his heart's serving disposition.
37 Krishna's Transcendental Enjoyment with the Gopls, His Ecstasy Potency.
38 Only through the eyes of Love do the sadhus see Krishna in their hearts.
39 Krishna's many Svamsa Avataras.
40 The nondifferentiated Brahman Principle.
41 The Vedas' aspect of trimodal worldliness and Krishna's Pure Divine Existence and Transcendence beyond that secondary aspect of the Vedas.
42 The Appearance of Krishna's Holy Name, Form, Qualities and Pastimes, etc., in the heart imbued with pure truth.
43 The gradation of the excellences of Devi-dhama, Rudra-dhama and Hari-dhama, and the Supreme Excellence of Krishna-dhama Goloka.
44 The position of the Durga of the material world, the presiding deity of Mahamaya, who executes creation, sustenance and dissolution, subordinate to the wish of Krishna.
45 The Rudra Entity.
46 The Visnu Entity.
47 The Sesa or Ananta Entity.
48 The Maha-Visnu Entity.
49 The Brahma Entity.
50 The Ganesa Entity.
51 Krishna as the Cause of all elements.
52 The Suryya Entity.
53 Krishna as the Root Origin of everything, both positively and negatively.
54 Krishna's indifference and partiality.
55 The fruits of favourable and unfavourable cultivation of Kr§pa's Service.
56 Svetadvipa-Goloka, the Abode of Krishna.
57 The Teachings in five slokas given to Brahma after his desire to create the world.
58 Knowledge of Relationship; the Means, Devotion in Practice; and its fruit, the Prospect, Loving Devotion.
59 The fruit of studying the Holy Scriptures, cultivating virtuous behaviour and the chanting of the Holy Name of Krishna—Loving Devotion.
60 Loving Devotion as the only Objective, and the Glory of such Devotion.
61 Gradations of Devotion in Practice according to faith, and the need for Pure Devotion.
62 The Principal and Full-fledged Objective of Pure Life in the Pure Divine Succession following the Pure Devotional Scriptures—Svayam-rupa Sri Gaura-Krishna, the Embodiment of the Teaching of Inconceivable Simultaneous Oneness and Difference.




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