On Passing Away of
Sripad Santosh Krishna Prabhu

Statement by His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj,
addressing the worldwide devotee community

2 June 2016


All glory to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga


Dear devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisance.

When Srila Gurudev departed from this world, I felt pain in my heart, but when I saw that so many devotees all over the world were with me and helping me, then I felt relief. Since that time, I have had Santosh Krishna Prabhu with me, and he has been managing our central Math in Sri Nabadwip Dham. I made him the manager of our main Temple so that I could go out preaching and take care of other services.

When Srila Gurudev wanted to start preaching in foreign countries, he needed a capable manager to look after the Math in Nabadwip, and when I came, Srila Gurudev got some relief and was able to go on many foreign tours. I similarly made Santosh Prabhu the manager here so that I could preach more.

Santosh Prabhu is very humble, and he has so much love, affection, and attachment to the devotees and the Temple. He is not at all an angry man, and he has many other qualities needed in a manager. He is a householder, but he has so much affection and attachment to the Mission. He took on so much austerity and difficulty to serve the Mission, and he has always been completely reliable and faithful to me. He never lies to me, and he is very simple-hearted. He is not duplicitous, and he does not pretend anything. Many people here say that they are doing things or will do things but they lie, they do not have proper love and affection for the devotees. Santosh Prabhu is completely dedicated, and he looks after the cultivation, the Math supplies, the devotees—everything, all the necessary services. He goes everywhere, to all our communities in Bengal for preaching, and he also invites all the devotees from all the other Maths to our festivals. Previously, I did these services and now he does them. Everyone knows him and has affection for him. When the news of his passing went out, so many people came to see his body.

Everything happens by the will of Krishna, but why did Krishna take him away? I do not know for what necessity Krishna has taken him, but I have to accept Krishna's plan and be hopeful. Santosh Prabhu manages everything downstairs, and I do not have anyone now to fill the vacancy created by his passing. I cannot sleep: day and night I am thinking, "Who can manage this Temple?", and I am wondering, "How I can travel outside of Nabadwip?"

I appreciate all the condolences I have received from devotees around the world, and I know that by the prayers of the Vaishnavas, Krishna will be merciful and arrange for the service to continue. Krishna provides, Krishna takes away, and Krishna provides again. I am living on that faith and ready to serve howsoever is necessary.

We are going to make a festival on 9 June in honour of Santosh Prabhu and invite all the devotees from all the householder communities and all the other Maths to come and honour this exalted servant of Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga.


Yours faithfully,

Swami B. N. Acharya


P.S. On Monday, 30 May 2016, Santosh Prabhu was travelling with a group of devotees in the Math's Tata Sumo when the accident happened. A devotee from Uluberia named Vikash Prabhu also died in the accident, and most of the other devotees in the car sustained injuries, namely Jai Ram Prabhu, Gopal Prabhu, Krishna Das Prabhu, and Narottam Prabhu. The driver Vishvarup Prabhu was the least injured. They have all been treated at the hospital and since returned to their homes or the Temple with the exception of Gopal Prabhu, who is still receiving additional minor care in a nursing home.



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Sripad Santosh Krishna Prabhu
(Photograph taken on 20 May 2016)




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