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Nimai's Playground:
Body, Mind, and Soul

By His Divine Grace
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj,
3 November 2010, Sri Nabadwip Dham


শ্রীকৃষ্ণচৈতন্য-দয়া করহ বিচার ।
বিচার করিলে চিত্তে পাবে চমৎকার ॥

sri-krsna-chaitanya-daya karaha vichara
vichara karile chitte pabe chamatkara

"If you consider the mercy of Sri Krishna Chaitanya, you will be wonder-struck to realise it."

(Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita, Adi-lila, 8.15)

How beautiful the mercy of Chaitanya-chandra is. If you consider His mercy, what did He not do for the benefit of the souls? From the time immemorial souls have been averse to Krishna, but the Lord comes to bring these souls to the right path. You must surrender to the lotus feet of the Lord...

How beautifully it is written here in this song ("Nadiya-nagare..."),

nadiya-nagare nitai neche neche gaya re

In the towns and villages of Nadia, Lord Nityananda ecstatically dances and sings:

jagannatha-suta mahaprabhu visvambhara
mayapura-sasi navadvipa-sudhakara [1]

"Lord Chaitanya is the beloved son of Jagannath Misra; He is Mahaprabhu, Supreme Lord; He is Vishvambhar, the great master, protector, and maintainer of the whole world. Mayapura-sasi, He is the shinning moon of Mayapur, dissipating the dark ignorance of the world; He is Nabadwipa-sudhakar, the source of all nectar for all of Nabadwip."

sachi-suta gaurahari nimai-sundara
radha-bhava-kanti-achchhadita natabara [2]

He is Sachi-suta, the beloved son of Sachi Mata; Gaura Hari, Lord Hari with a golden complexion. As He was born under a nim tree He was called Nimai-sundar (beautiful Nimai), a name also meant to protect Him from the god of death who had taken all His brothers and sisters before Him; He is covered by the heart and halo of Srimati Radharani; and Natabara, the best of all dancers.

Once, Krishna was sitting and meditating in Imlitala, Vrindavan, and He wondered, "Why does Radharani cry about Me? Why does She chant My Name?" To taste His own self, He came taking the heart and halo of Radharani.

namananda chapala balaka matr-bhakta
brahmanda-badana tarki kautukanurakta [3]

Namananda—Mahaprabhu becomes ecstatic upon hearing the Holy Name of Hari. As a boy He was swift and agile, devoted to His mother, a great logician, and fond of joking. Millions of worlds are contained in His mouth.

He was very naughty and very devoted to His mother.

vidyarthi-udupa chaura-dvayera mohana
tairthika-sarvasva gramya-balika-kridana [4]

He bewildered two thieves who tried to steal His jewels when He was a small child, and He teased and joked with the village girls of Nadia. He is the moon among scholars and all-in-all for the philosophers.

When two thieves came to steal Mahaprabhu's ornaments, He gave them His mercy—the thieves forgot they had come to steal. Seeing the bracelets and ankle bells that Mahaprabhu was wearing, the thieves told Mahaprabhu (a very little boy at that time), "Come sit on our shoulder!" Nimai climbed on one of the thieves' shoulder and they wanted to carry Him away. They walked and walked, but in the end lost their way and returned to the same place, Nimai's house.

"Gramya-balika-kridana" means sometimes young ten-fifteen year old girls came to the Ganges to do puja and Mahaprabhu would come there and play with them.

(People still do Ganga puja. They pray to Ganga, offer her some fruit, bananas, rice, and so on. Usually they offer some atap-chal, rice that is used for puja—it is not for boiling, but used to make sweet rice.)

Nimai was a little boy at that time, about seven-eight years old, and the girls were all older. They did Ganga puja, making a proper offering, following the rules, but Nimai would come there and break their puja. He would say to them, "Hey! What are you doing? You must worship Me! If you worship Me, everything will be successful, all your desires will be fulfilled. I know what you want from Ganga Devi! You worship Ganga because you want a good husband! You must worship Me instead!" The girls would get angry and surprised, "What is He doing?!" Some would chastise Him, "Nimai, what are You doing with me? You are our younger brother, it is not good."

Sometimes the girls would run away seeing Nimai, but He would chase them and ask, "Give Me some prasadam! Give Me some fruit!" Some girls gave Him something, but some did not, and Mahaprabhu would threaten them with a curse, "If you do not give Me, you will get an old husband who will have seven wives!"

When the girls were bathing in the Ganges, Mahaprabhu would come and throw sand and soil at them. Then the girls scolded Him, "Nimai, what are You doing?! You are our younger brother. A younger brother cannot joke with his sister like this, it is not good. We will tell mother Sachi about You!"

laksmi-prati bora-data addhata balaka
sri-sachira pati-putra-soka-nibaraka [5]

He is the giver of blessings to His wife Laksmi Priya. He was a mischievous child and is the Lord, son and preventer of all kinds of grief of Sachi Mata.

Mahaprabhu had a wife called Laksmi Priya. When He went to Bangladesh, she was bitten by a snake and left her body—it was a snake of separation... When this happened she came to Mahaprabhu in Bangladesh, and Mahaprabhu understood what had happened...




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