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Sri Vyasa Puja Day:
My Mood and Request

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Speaking online to the devotees in South Africa
6 October 2013, Sri Nabadwip Dham


I am very happy to see you all today, it is very nice. May Krishna bless you on this day... Actually, this day I must serve everybody—today is my service day. Every day is a service day for me, but today is the day when I must serve devotees more. Gurudev gave me this position to serve you all, and that is why I consider this day a service day. Gurudev is always merciful to all the devotees, and I am praying to you all: please pray to Gurudev for me. That is my humble request.

Here, so many thousands of people have come to take prasadam. Not less than one thousand people came here yesterday or the day before yesterday and are staying here now, and many thousands of local village people have come to take prasadam today. It was a great festival here, and now I am also happy to see you all. Today is actually my fortunate day because I can serve the devotees, and so many Vaishnavs came from Mayapur, I can serve them also, and I can get their sadhu-sanga (sadhu-sanga is necessary). That is a great fortune for me. This is the main thing.

I would like to tell you also. Practise Krishna consciousness together and properly. Try to be together more, have more tolerance, be more humble and give more honour to others. This is necessary, this is Vaishnavism. This is Gurudev's instruction—to be humble, tolerant, and give honour to others—and it is necessary to follow it.

কবে জীবে দয়া হইবে উদয়,
নিজ সুখ ভুলি' সুদীন-হৃদয়

kabe jive daya haibe udaya,
nija-sukha bhuli' sudina-hrdaya

"When will compassion to all souls arise in my heart and I forget my own happiness?"

('Kabe habe bolo, se dina amar?')

"When will I forget my own happiness, my own enjoyment? When will I forget my own happiness and only desire to make Gurudev happy?"

Actually, I have accepted a big festival in honour of my birthday today only to make Gurudev happy. Devotees told me that this year they wanted to make a festival in Nabadwip, and I know that Gurudev will be happy with this, and if I do not agree, Gurudev will be unhappy, that is why I accepted their request and accepted this big festival today...

If you want to ask me anything, please tell me.

Devotee: We want to ask for your mercy and blessings...

[His Divine Grace laughs.] That you have already got. Do you want to ask me for any other boon? You already have mercy and blessings, but if there is anything else you want, you can tell me.

Actually, I am joking with you, but when Nrisinghadev asked Prahlad Maharaj, "What do you want?" Prahlad Maharaj said, "My father hit You, and I only want You to give some mercy to my father." Nrisinghadev said, "It has already happened—your father has already got My mercy. Do you want anything else?" Then Prahlad Maharaj said, "Then give me that kind of boon so that all 'asking' desire (desire to always ask for something) is removed from my heart. This is what I want to ask You for." My desire is also like this. "Kabe jive daya haibe udaya? When will I be able to give some benefit to others?"

I have actually surrendered my whole life to Gurudev—I do not know how much I can surrender, or how surrendered I am to my Gurudev, but when I left my previous house and came here, I got my real home, I got Gurudev. I do not want to do bhajan, I do not want anything, but Gurudev made me like his dog, and that is why I am serving as his dog—I am still serving, I am still protecting the temple as a dog. This is all the devotees' mercy and desire, that is why I am doing it.

I am telling to all the devotees: it is necessary for everybody to have more chastity and more sincerity for service. This is my advice. I want you to be more sincere and more chaste in your service. This is my request to all the devotees.

Jay Srila Guru Maharaj ki jay!


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