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By His Divine Grace
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
24 June 2013


After 84 lakhs (8 400 000) of births you have got this human body, but if you do not practise under the proper guidance, you will have to again go to some other body. Yet when you come to Gurudev and practise under his guidance, you should think that having finished your 84 lakhs of lives you do not have to return there.

You should understand that no one can take away your enjoyment, your food. You are making so much opulent prasad for a festival, but if you bring a pig, it will not take it—if you give the pig a bucket of stool, it will be very happy. You sleep on a good cushioned bed under the A/C, but how much sleep do you get? You always wake up, you are always anxious, but a dog sleeps very nicely, without a worry, on the street.

When you were an elephant in a jungle, you were also happy. If you take an elephant into an A/C room, it will not be happy. As an elephant or a tiger we were very happy to stay in a forest. So, we have got that kind of happiness before, and we will get it in future too, that is not a question; but it is not the meaning of our life. All jiva souls control everybody else—one jiva soul controls another, the other one controls yet another, and it is going on like this, but how shall I come out? That is necessary to know for our spiritual life.

We have come here but time is very short—life is very short, we can die any moment. That is why you must understand what you have got this human body for. You could sleep and eat before, and in future also you will be able to, but now in this human body you have full consciousness. You have pure consciousness, but it is covered by illusory environment. If you read Srimad Bhagavad-gita you can easily understand it. Arjun refused to fight, but the Lord said, "Mam eva ye prapadyante: only if you surrender to Me, can you overcome this kind of situation, this kind of illusory environment." That is why it is necessary to live a practising life.

If you just offer some incense once a day in the evening, that is not practising. At the same time, I am not telling you that you must leave everything, I am not telling you to go to a forest. Jagadananda Pandit also said, "You think you will leave everything and go to a forest, but your stomach will also go with you—you cannot leave your stomach behind, you will have to take it with you." If you go to a jungle, or a forest, you will still have to pick up the fruit, pick up some leaves from the trees, and do your cooking. You do not have to go to a jungle, do not have to leave your family life, but you must not have so much attachment to the material life. That is what is necessary—asakti rahita (আসক্তি রহিত), remove attachment to the material life. If you can practise it, it will be good for you.


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