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His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Translated from Bengali, part 1
9 February 2018, Hooghly District


We have assembled here today to hear the glories and to glorify the Lord. Talks about the Lord, His Name, form, qualities, pastimes and associates are completely non-different from the Lord Himself. Not everybody has the fortune to hear about the Lord or to serve the Lord.

There are so many jiva souls in this world, but the number of human beings is very small. Among human beings, those who say that they follow the Vedas are called Veda-nistha, some also call them karma-nistha (fruitive workers). People say they follow the Vedas but they do what is prohibited by the Vedas. There are three types of karmasukarma (good activities), akarma (abstinence from activity), vikarma (prohibited activities). If you engage in karma, you will enjoy the fruit of that karma. As a result of their karma, some go to heaven, and some go to hell, but both of these are temporary—heaven is temporary and hell is also temporary. Depending on your karma, if you serve other human beings, you will go to the human planes of life; if you serve the jiva souls, you will go to the plane of jiva souls; if you serve Lord Siva, you will go to the abode of Lord Siva; if you serve Lord Vishnu, you will go to the abode of Lord Vishnu; and if you serve the Lord, if you serve Govinda, then you will reach the eternal abode in Goloka, the abode of Govinda, and stay there forever. Once you reach that eternal abode, you do not have to ever come back from there.

Always remember this—if you engage in the kirtan of Lord Siva (if you glorify and praise Lord Siva), you will reach Lord Siva, and the Lord will be happy with that because Lord Siva chants the glories of the Lord with his five mouths. Brahma chants the glories of the Lord with his four mouths, Narad travels with the vina chanting the glories of the Lord. So, if we can chant the glories of the Lord, if we can practise service of the Lord, then we will reach the eternal abode of Goloka Vrindavan and will not have to ever came back again. Time and time again we come to this world taking birth as an animal, bird, insect, moths, etc. and there is only one remedy against it—to participate in the service of the Lord.


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