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Perfection and Profanation

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
20 February 2018, Kolkata, part 6


My preaching is like that:

In every village, they do astaprahar kirtans (it means twenty-four hours' kirtan; one prahar is three hours), nonstop, and after those twenty-four hours they do nonsense—they eat fish, meat, everything. It is called hasti-snana hita (benefit of an 'elephant's bathing'). I told them, "You cannot understand what Krishna consciousness is. You think you will do kirtan for one day and everything will be perfect. No, it is completely not like that. Even Sri Sivji Maharaj says it, it is written in Padma Purana." Sivji Maharaj told it in two different ways:

If you drink milk, you can get healthy and strong, but if a snake touches that milk and puts some poison into it, you will not be able to understand which milk is pure and which milk is poisonous. If you drink good, pure milk, you will be healthy, but if you drink the milk with poison, you will die. This is what Sivji Maharaj said. So, if you hear the Holy Name or you chant the Holy Name, it is good for you, and if you chant Nama-aparadh, externally it looks the same—Nama and Nama-aparadh look the same, this is Hare Krishna, and that is also Hare Krishna, both look the same, but one will give you devotion, and another (Nama-aparadh) will remove devotion from you and give you something else (emotion). That is the main point.

I gave so many examples to them those past few days, I told them so many things... Yesterday, I was giving a lecture at one place, and there was one Guru sitting beside me. When I started telling them about the guru, he ran away! I told them also what Sivji Maharaj told Parvati:

There are so many gurus in this world, but they are vitta-harankari gurus who take your money—who love your money, not you; who can tell you, "You will be very wealthy," "You will become a multi-millioner," etc. People think that such gurus are very nice, but such gurus want your money, they do not worry about your spiritual life. It is very rare to get a paramarthik, a spiritual, guru in this world. That is what Sivji Maharaj said.

So, our preaching style, our preaching life is like that: you must accept what is in favour of devotion, and you must reject what not in favour of devotion because both things cannot go together. If you drink milk, you will be healthy, but if you drinking milk and also take tobacco, then you will lose all benefit of the milk. If you smoke, if you take alcohol, take tobacco, you will not get any benefit that milk can bring. This is Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur's saying, "Dudh-o khabo, tamak-o khabo (দুধও খাব, তামাকও খাব)." (Tamak means tobacco.) The two cannot run together—you must drink 'milk' and leave 'tobacco'.


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