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We Forget

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
20 February 2018, Kolkata


The main thing that I want to tell everybody is that everybody is preaching, everybody knows everything, but sometimes because of the illusory environment, because our ego attacks us, we forget. We forget that we ourselves have no power to do anything. Our ego disturbs us so much and because of that we sometimes forget, we cannot remember that Krishna does everything, that our Guru is doing what he wants. We think we do everything, but it is not possible for us to do anything. We must understand what the mercy of Gurudev is, what Gurudev gave us, what is our duty after Gurudev's disappearance. We forget it, but we must remember him and his words, his instructions—what he wanted to say and what he could not say also.

We must preach about our Guru all over the world. That is our main priority. If we preach about ourselves, it is not good—we always want to preach about ourselves, but this is not good for our spiritual life. We must preach for Gurudev. That is our main priority.

Whatever your capacity is, even if you are a householder, a brahmachari, a grihastha or a sannyasi, it is not a question. Even a householder can be a great devotee—like Ambarish Maharaj, for example. When Durvasa Muni made an offence to Ambarish Maharaj (he got angry and used bad language against Ambarish Maharaj), Krishna could not tolerate it, so Sudarshan ran behind Durvasa Muni. Durvasa Muni ran to take shelter of Lord Siva, Lord Brahma, but it was not possible for them to give shelter to him. Then Ambarish Maharaj asked the Lord, "Please forgive his offence. Please stop. I am the offender. I am the offender. Please stop Sudarshan." You must understand this.

We sing the song,

কৃপাবিন্দু দিয়া কর এই দাসে
তৃণাপেক্ষা অতি দীন ।

krpa-bindu diya kara ei dase
trnapeksa ati dina

"Gurudev, I am very humble-I am less than a blade of grass."

সকল সহনে বল দিয়া কর
নিজমানে স্পৃহাহীন ॥

sakala sahane bala diya kara
nija-mane sprha-hina

"O Gurudev, please give me some power, some sakti, so that I could tolerate everything."

When Mahaprabhu went to South India, he met there one Vasudev Vipra who had leprosy—his whole body was rotten and insects were eating it, falling out of the sores on his hands, legs, etc. one by one. Vasudev Vipra thought, "My body is nothing. One day it will be burnt and destroyed, what am I to do with it? If these insects are happy to eat it, what is my problem?" So, he would take the insects fallen from the sores and put them back into his body. You must realise how much tolerance he has.

সকলে সম্মান করিতে শকতি
দেহ নাথ যথাযথ ।

sakale samman karite sakati
deha natha yatha-yatha

We ask Gurudev for his blessing, for his power, "Prabhu, please give me the kind of power by which I can tolerate everything." If we can be like this, then we will get the result one day.

Jay Srila Guru Maharaj ki jay!


— : • : —




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