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His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
22 February 2018, Kolkata, part 7


Do you go to the temple every day?

Devotee: I am staying at the temple.

Good, very nice. Do you read some books, etc.?

Devotee: Yes.

Are you still doing some job?

Devotee: Yes, I am working now.

What for is it necessary for you to work?

Devotee: I have some liability...

Oh, you have a loan?

Devotee: Yes, a loan and I also have my mother... But I try to serve the temple as much as possible.

If you finish that job, it is good because if you have attachment to material work, then material disease will always attack you. That is what is told. Today you have one problem, tomorrow another problem, the day after tomorrow another problem, and so on.

Devotee: If you order, Gurudev, I will take sannyas. I will request my mother...

Mother will never give permission to take sannyas [His Divine Grace chuckles]. You must be strong. Mother will never give permission. Sachi Mata never gave permission to Sri Gaura Hari—she knew that her Son was the Lord, but even then it was impossible. When Krishna left Nandagram, Yasoda Ma and Nanda Maharaj cried so much, but He did not care—He went to Dvaraka, Mathura. My mother cried so much that she became blind, but I never went to see her... So, this depends on you.

'শ্রদ্ধা' শব্দে—বিস্বাস কহে সুদৃঢ় নিশ্চয় ।
কৃষ্ণে ভক্তি কৈলে সর্ব্বকর্ম্ম কৃত হয় ॥

'sraddha'-sabde—visvasa kahe sudrdha nischaya
krsne bhakti kaile sarva-karma krta haya

"Sraddha is firm, determined faith that by service to Krishna all actions are accomplished."

(Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita, Madhya-lila, 22.62)

"Sarva-karma krta haya" means debts to your forefathers, debts to your motherland, to the demigods, to the rishis—all debts will be removed. If you have some debt at the market, who will come to you to ask for money if you take sannyas? Nobody will come because they will know you have become a sannyasi, how will you give them money? Nobody will come to you and say, "Oh, I have lent you ten rupees, return it!" Even if somebody asks, you can always say, "I have become a sannyasi."

That is the main thing. It is necessary to be strong. Sarva-dharman parityajya—what is the meaning of it? If you understand the meaning of these words, you will understand everything. You think you have to serve your mother, but that is religion (dharma)—leave it. Even if Krishna tells you to kill your mother, it is not a problem. Krishna told Arjuna, "Kill everybody, I will be very happy." Later, Arjuna said, "No, no, I do not want the kingdom, I cannot do that!" Krishna said, "This is maya! I have already killed them!" You can see how much Krishna chastised Arjuna, what I said to you is just a little bit of chastisement, but Krishna chastised much more than that—it is 720 slokas! He chastised Arjuna so much—not for Arjuna, it is only for us...

Gurudev wrote a poem when he was seventeen years old. He said:

If Brahma comes to you to give you something (so much jyoti comes), if Indra comes to you to give you his heaven, what you will do if at the same time your Guru calls you? Where will you go? When your Guru calls you, you say, "I have no time. Please forgive my offence, Brahma, please forgive my offence, Indra, but please go away—my Gurudev is calling me!"

My words are very heavy... I say forget it—forget everything. You know that when Indra became a pig, he could not leave his children, and Brahma killed them all one by one and finally he killed his wife too—like in your case too, your wife died, but you still hesitate! What is the problem? Do service, and whatever food, prasadam, comes, take that. Even if you have nobody, you have Krishna.


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