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His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Kulgachia Gram, Howrah District
6 May 2018, part 16


If you keep faith in the Lord, if you think about the Lord, the Lord looks after everything. You have heard the stories of Sudama Vipra, Vidura, and others. There are many stories about it.

It happened in Mahaprabhu's time also. Srivas Pandit was a grihastha (householder), he had a wife and a son, and everybody criticised him, "He goes for collection, but uses the money to maintain his family! He hoards money for himself!" When this reached Mahaprabhu's ears, He thought, "I cannot close these people's mouths, but I can stop Srivas." So, one day, Mahaprabhu said to Srivas,

"Srivas, I want to tell you something, will you do what I ask? From tomorrow, you must not go begging."

"Prabhu, You tell me Yourself—there are always kirtans in my house, everybody always comes for the kirtan in the evening, so will they stay here and leave with empty stomach? Must I not give prasadam to them? Must I offer bhog to the Lord and not give prasadam to them?" replied Srivas Pandit.

"No, no, you will give prasadam to everybody."

"Where will I get it from? How will I manage?"

"I do not know about this, but from tomorrow you must not go begging."

"All right, do not worry, I will not go," Srivas Pandit replied and then said, "Ek tali, du tali, tin tali [One clap! Second clap! Third clap!]!"

Mahaprabhu was surprised, "What language is that? Ek tali, du tali, tin tali??"

Then, Srivas Pandit explained, "One day, two days, three days. I will manage one day without eating. I will manage the second day without eating. And on the third day, I will not make it—I will jump into the Ganges."

"Srivas, you must believe what I say! Even if Laksmi Devi herself has to come from Vaikuntha to go begging for you, you will never have to beg again in this life."

[Devotees: Hari bol! Hari bol!]

After that, Srivas Pandit saw that every day there was no end of money, things, vegetables, etc. Later, one day, Mahaprabhu asked him, "So, Srivas, how are you getting on?" Srivas Pandit admitted, "Prabhu, 'getting on' means so many vegetables come, we cannot finish them all—there are many things that they get spoilt before we can finish them!"

Such is the glory of the Lord. If the Lord does not give something to somebody, they will not get anything, and when the Lord gives, He gives in abundance. Always remember this.


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