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Jagadananda Pandit's
Hot-Headed Heart

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Bengali evening class in Sri Puri Dham
10 July 2018, part 4


Jagadananda Pandit stayed at his house and would come to Gambhira to serve Mahaprabhu. What was his mood like? Can anyone here tell whose incarnation was Jagadananda Pandit?


Gauranga is the vigraha of Radha-Krishna, then how can he be an incarnation of Radha?


Good answer! I have told it before also. In Dvaraka, you see Satyabhauma and Rukmini. Dvaraka is the place of opulent service (aisvarya-seva), and Vrindavan is the place of sweet, loving service (madhurya-seva). There are three types of mood—aisvarya, audarya, madhurya. Mahaprabhu is audarya-lila, Radha-Krishna is madhurya-lila, and when Krishna was in Dvaraka, it was aisvarya-lila.

Satyabhauma appeared in this Kali-yuga as Jagadananda Pandit and got the opportunity to serve Mahaprabhu. You know, when a man has two wives, the second, younger, wife is always more temperamental and domineering. Similarly, Satyabhauma is also always domineering, always controlling, and so was Jagadananda Pandit here.

For example, one time Jagadananda Pandit said to one person [Sanatan Goswami] who Mahaprabhu had much respect for, "What are you still doing here in Puri? Your service is in Vrindavan—go, go!" He transgressed the limits, and Mahaprabhu got very angry—He said, "Sanatan Goswami is My teacher, but you, who are born only yesterday, dare tell him that he must go! Who gave you permission to do this?!" Hearing this, Sanatan Goswami began to cry, "Prabhu, You are giving him sweet and You are giving me bitter!" Not everybody has the fortune to be chastised.

Such was Jagadananda Pandit's service.

Another time, Jagadananda Pandit spoke to Govinda. Govinda was Mahaprabhu's servitor. He was a disciple of Ishwara Puri, that is Mahaprabhu's godbrother, but he served Mahaprabhu as His disciple. Before Ishwar Puri left his body, Govinda asked him, "Prabhu, whom shall I serve after you leave?" and began to cry. Ishwar Puri replied, "Why are you crying? You must serve Mahaprabhu." Then, Ishwar Puri left, and Govinda came to Mahaprabhu's lotus feet. He paid obeisance to Mahaprabhu and said, "Prabhu, please take me, take me for Your service." Mahaprabhu became quiet and thought, "If I use him for My service, people will start talking about it and it will be impossible to close their mouths—people will say, 'He is using His godbrother for His own service!'" (This is written in Chaitanya-charitamrita, you can get everything there—Srila Sridhar Maharaj said that even if all books were lost and only Chaitanya-charitamrita remained, there would be no loss because everything is there in Chaitanya-charitamrita.) Having thought for a while, Mahaprabhu replied to Govinda, "How can this be? One must give honour to a servitor of his Guru, how can one engage his Guru's servitor in his own service?" Govinda, who had stayed with Ishwar Puri for a long time, was very intelligent; he said, "Prabhu, what You are saying is written in the scriptures, books, but if the Guru (and my Gurudev is Your Gurudev) tells that one must serve this Person, who will you follow, the scriptures or your Guru's words?" Mahaprabhu was swayed and could not say anything now. Swarup Damodar and Ramananda Ray were there, they said, "He is right, Prabhu! What Govinda is saying is right!" In this way, having no choice, Mahaprabhu kept Govinda as His servitor.

So, one day Jagadananda Pandit spoke to Govinda. He said (in his domineering and a bit rough way), "Govinda, you must massage Prabhu's feet every day." (Mahaprabhu would dance and sing all day long. Not like us—we dance for one hour and feel tired. Having danced all day, when Mahaprabhu would come home in the evening, His feet would be sore.) "What should I give you?" asked Jagadananda Pandit, "Do you want some oil?" Govinda replied, "Prabhu does not want anything—even when I use some water it makes Him angry. I massage like this." "No, no," objected Jagadananda Pandit, "It is not good. I'll go to Bengal and bring some oil!" He went to Bengal and with much effort brought some very fragrant oil. He gave the oil to Govinda saying, "Govinda, from tomorrow you must use this oil when you massage Mahaprabhu's feet." When Mahaprabhu came to His room that day, He felt the smell and asked Govinda, "Why does the room smell of perfumed oil?!" Govinda said fearfully, "Prabhu, Jagadananda Prabhu has brought some scented oil and told me not to massage You without anything, he told me to use this oil."

...We went once to a temple of Lord Siva and asked there, "What is the name of this temple?" The man replied, "It is Yameshwar Tota." It means Yameshwar [Lord Siva] is the ksetra-pal [protector] there. There is Bhuteshwar Siva, Gopeshwar Siva, Gangadhar, Tarakeshwar, Dhameshwar, in Ganga Sagar we have a temple of Lord Siva and Siva's name there is Gangeshwar, etc. There are many names of Lord Siva. When we asked about Lord Siva in that Yameshwar Tota, somebody told us that Lord Siva there was the elder brother of Jagannath. Where does this come from? People are confused. Where is Jagannath and where is Sivji Maharaj? If Sivji Maharaj (Yameshwar) hears it, he will get angry—he will send those who say such things to Yamalay [abode of Yamaraj]! If somebody comes and says, "Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj and Acharya Maharaj are one," must I admit this? If think in this way, then I will become proud. The scriptures say, "Too much praise causes an offence (ninda, slandering)." It means if you hear too much glorification of yourself, you will be making an offence.

So, when Mahaprabhu heard about the oil, He told Govinda to take the oil out. "Am I a dari sannyasi [a tantric renunciate who keeps women for sense gratification]? I will rub the oil on My body and walk down the street, and people will get the smell from My body and say that I keep a woman! They will say, 'He has become a dari sannyasi!'" Govinda began to shiver seeing Mahaprabhu so angry. And another thing Mahaprabhu said was, "Perhaps, Jaga wants to have a marriage life with Me again!" (Satyabhauma became Jagadananda and Krishna became Mahaprabhu; Mahaprabhu was referring to Dvapar-yuga.)

The next day Jagadananda Pandit came to Gambhira and asked Govinda, "Hey, Govinda, did you use the oil yesterday?" When Jagadananda heard what Mahaprabhu had said, he smashed the pot of oil against the floor and stormed out in fury. He came to his house (the place where we went today) and locked the door. He stayed there locked without opening the door to anyone—not just one day, not two days, he had stayed there for three days and had not eaten anything.

On the first day Mahaprabhu asked Govinda, "Is there any news? Did Jagadananda come out? Did he open the door?" Govinda said, "No, it is still closed, and he is not opening it." Mahaprabhu knew everything, but He still asked. On the second day, He again sent somebody to Jagadananda and asked if he had opened the door, but he had not. On the third day, Mahaprabhu went there Himself. (You can see how Mahaprabhu was testing His devotee.) He knocked on the door and called out, "Jaga! Brother, it is Me! You have been locked there without eating anything for three days, I have also not eaten anything all this time." (Mahaprabhu was clever. He took Jagannath prasadam every day, so how could it be true?) "Open the door, brother! I never feel full unless I take food prepared by your hand! I also have not eaten all this time." When Mahaprabhu Himself had come, how could Jagadananda not open the door? He opened the door, paid obeisance to Mahaprabhu and quickly went to cook something. Mahaprabhu went to see what he was doing—Jagadananda had not said a word. Then, Mahaprabhu sat down and waited. Jagadananda cooked, offered the bhog, and then, having arranged the seat and the plate, gave prasad to Mahaprabhu. Actually, Mahaprabhu had not come there to take prasad—He had come to stop Jagadananda's anger. So, Mahaprabhu said to him,

"You take prasad too! Let us take it together."

Jagadananda replied, "No, no, I do not want to trouble You!"

"No, you must take first, then I will sit to take it too."

"No, no, believe me. You have come and I have cooked for You, offered the bhog, etc. You take prasad, and I will take later, believe me."

"Are you sure? Are you telling the truth?"

"Yes, it is the truth, it is the truth," Jagadananda assured Mahaprabhu.

"All right," Mahaprabhu said and took prasad. "I have taken prasad, and I am going to Gambhira now, now you take prasad!"

"All right, do not worry, go take rest. I will take prasad."

Mahaprabhu came to Gambhira to rest, but His mind was restless—He kept thinking, "Did he take prasad or not?" He sent Govinda to check on Jagadananda. Govinda went there hidingly and saw Jagadananda taking prasad. Suddenly, Jagadananda saw Govinda and said to him sweetly, "Oh, you have come here at this odd time. So, Mahaprabhu has sent you to check if I was taking prasadam or not, has he not? I know everything, I know." In this way, Mahaprabhu checked his haughtiness.

Such was Jagadananda Pandit's love.


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