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"What Answer Will You Give?"

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Evening class at Nrisingha Palli
1 September 2018, part 4


Time is very short. What answer will we give when we come to the bank of the Viraja River? To cross the river and enter Paravyoma Goloka Vrindavan you must give an answer. If you have no ticket to cross in a boat, there is no other way to cross the river—you will have to come back again to this material world, maybe in a human body, maybe in a snake's body, maybe a cow's body, maybe a cat's body or a dog's body, that will depend on your karma. You will not even be able to enter Vaikuntha—you will not even be able to get liberation. It is very difficult.

That is why I sometimes become very sad that devotees do not practise properly. They think, "I have taken initiation from Gurudev, that is enough." A chair has four legs, and initiation is only one of the legs. If a chair has only one leg, you cannot sit on it, the chair will fall down. Initiation is only one of the legs, and you must do the rest. That is the main thing. So, it is necessary to take initiation, but when you take initiation it is also necessary to practise. If you do not practise, you will not get any result.

That is why we must learn the arati kirtans, we must learn the parikrama kirtans. It is not necessary to learn all songs (there are two-five hundred songs), but learn the minimum. You all know it, and I always tell it—sing five songs in the morning and five songs in the evening. It is necessary to chant at least ten songs and some arati songs also. It is easy to learn them. This is how you should practise.

We have come to this world for the service to the Lord. We have got this body for the service to the Lord. This body is not for enjoyment. This body is not for doing what your mind tells you to do. Be careful.

When the time comes to cross the river in a boat and you see that you have no ticket, then you will regret it, "What have I done? Why did I not follow what Gurudev told me? Why did I not practise properly?" The scriptures say that among ten million of karmis (fruitive workers) there is one jnani (wise man), and among ten million wise souls you will get one liberated soul, and among ten million of liberated souls you will get one devotee. To see a devotee is very rare. That is why you must practise, then you can become a passenger of the boat where Gurudev is the boatman. Those who practise more can become a passenger there. Practising properly is the main necessity.

জীবে দয়া, নামে রুচি, বৈষ্ণব সেবা ।
ইহা বহি সনাতন নাহি আর ধর্ম্ম ॥

jive daya name ruchi vaisnava seva
iha bahi sanatana nahi ara dharma

"Be merciful to the souls, chant the Holy Name, and serve the Vaishnavs. Sanatan, besides this, there is no other religion."

You must chant the Holy Name and you must engage others in chanting the Holy Name. That is called jive daya, being kind to the jiva souls. You must be kind to the jiva souls and you must have taste for chanting the Holy Name. If you have some other material desires (if you talk so much nonsense, gossip, or pursue your own happiness), you will not get taste for chanting the Holy Name.


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