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His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
16 October 2018, Dum Dum Park, part 1


Jay Om Vishnupad Jagad-Guru Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj ki jay!
Vishva-varenya Srila Guru Maharaj ki jay!
Jay Om Vishnupad Paramahamsa-kula-churamani Jagad-Guru Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Dev-Goswami Maharaj ki jay!
Jay saparikara Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Gandharva Govinda Sundarjiu ki jay!
Jay Om Vishnupad Bhagavan Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami Thakur Prabhupad ki jay!
All the assembled devotees ki jay!
All the worldwide devotees ki jay!
Jay samagata Sri Gaura-bhakta-vrinda ki jay
All the sannyasi-vrinda, all the brahmachari-vrinda ki jay
Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math ki jay!
All the branches of Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math ki jay!
Harinam sankirtan ki jay!
Nitai Gaura premanande Hari Hari bol!

Our life is very short—we can leave our body at any time. What have we got this body for? What have we got this human life for? We must understand it and utilise this human body for the service of Krishna, for the service of the Guru. If you waste your time on other things, such as gramya-katha, gramya-varta, listening to gossips, and talking bad things about sadhus, then you will lose the time and energy that you could have used to serve Krishna and the associates of the Lord. We must use our time for the service of Krishna. We have got this body to serve Gurudev, but if we do not use this time and body for the service to Gurudev, then what have we got this human body for? What is the use having a human body?

জীবন অনিত্য জানহ সার
তাহে নানাবিধ বিপদ-ভার ।
নামাশ্রয় করি' যতনে তুমি
থাকহ আপন কাজে ॥

jivana anitya janaha sara
tahe nana-vidha vipada-bhara
namasraya kari' yatane tumi
thakaha apana kaje

"Understand the essence: life is temporary and filled with all sorts of dangers. Carefully take shelter of the Name and do your work."

(Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur)

Life is very short. We must take shelter of the Holy Name and do some service.

You have got eyes, you have got legs, you have got hands, you have got a mouth—you have got all these things, but you cannot use these things properly for the service of the Lord in any other life—if you are born as a dog, a cat, or a cow, you cannot do it. If in this human body we can take good association—if we can take the association of the Guru through his lectures, through his Hari-katha—then we can understand what benefit we can get if we serve the Lord and the Guru.

Sometimes we forget our duty, we forget our service because of maya. Maya always takes us away from service, that is why we must be always careful with the illusory environment, maya. Illusory environment can remove you from the service of the Lord at any time.

We must listen to this sloka,

তদ্­বিদ্ধি প্রণিপাতেন পরিপ্রশ্নেন সেবয়া ।
উপদেক্ষ্যন্তি তে জ্ঞানং জ্ঞানিনস্তত্ত্বদর্শিনঃ ॥

tad viddhi pranipatena, pariprasnena sevaya
upadeksyanti te jnanam, jnaninas tattva-darsinah

"You will be able to attain knowledge by satisfying the divine master with submission, relevant inquiry, and sincere service. The enlightened souls who are learned in scriptural knowledge and endowed with direct realisation of the Supreme Absolute Truth will impart divine knowledge to you."

(Srimad Bhagavad-gita, 4.34)

Tad viddhi pranipatena means we must be fully surrendered, pariprasna means we must make honest enquiry (sad jijnasa), and seva-pravritti means we must have service temper.

Actually, we have got this human body for the service of the Lord, but somehow we have forgotten to serve the Lord because of maya, but Gurudev tells us that when we surrender to the Guru, when we surrender to Vaishnavs, they will remove maya from us. Wherever there is darkness there is maya. If you get proper association of your Guru, proper association of Vaishnavs, then they will gradually remove maya from you; otherwise it is not possible—you cannot conquer, or defeat, maya unless you surrender to your Guru properly. That is the main thing.


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Gaurangera Duti Pada
'One whose wealth is Sri Gauranga's feet knows the essence of devotion's rasa. The heart of one who hears Sri Gauranga's sweet Pastimes becomes pure.'


'I offer my obeisance unto the lotus feet of Sri Guru, who daily engages himself and other devotees in dressing the Deity with various ornaments, cleaning the Deity's temple, and performing other devotional practices.'

It is not necessary to read volumes of books, not necessary to accumulate volumes of knowledge. If you only have faith in your Guru, have faith in Krishna, that is sufficient for you.