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His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Kolkata, 13 December 2020, part 2


May Krishna always bless you. Gurudev is always with you all. May you all progress in your spiritual life.

It is not important to make a temple in your country or city—you can make a temple in everybody's heart. That is what is necessary.

Devotee: Jay! This is what you told us in Nabadwip last time. You told us not to make a centre, but to make house to house programmes.

Yes, I did. I told you that it is necessary to do house programmes. Set some time on Sunday and make a programme in one house this Sunday, another house next Sunday, and so on. You can arrange additional programmes whenever you have a holiday (a public holiday or a day off at work). Do you understand what I am saying? You must always keep charging yourself and others in this way. You always charge the battery of your phone, and in the same way you must charge your spiritual 'battery'. They will come on every ekadasi day, they will follow ekadasi and practise properly. It is not necessary to make very long programmes, one-two hours is also sufficient. It is necessary to do this in every country. I am telling this to everybody through you. Every country must have programmes in this way.

Sometimes, when there is no temple, devotees show ego, "Oh, I will not go to that house! I will not go to this house!" Such devotees have a big problem. This attitude is harmful for you, it makes you bad, it does not help you. You can be chanting the Holy Name, wearing kanthi-mala (Tulasi beads), putting tilaks, etc., but if you keep dirt in your heart, it is not good. Come and mix with everyone. Gurudev often said, "If they criticise me, it is OK. It is necessary to have somebody to criticise me otherwise who will do it? You must not kick such people out. It is necessary to keep at least one person who will criticise." Gurudev also said that if darkness does not come, how will you understand that the sun has risen? When night comes, the moon rises, darkness come. All this is necessary. In the same way, many things are necessary for practising. Even when you face something unfavourable, you will get more strength from that.

You know, when Gurudev gave me some service (I did a lot of construction service in Gurudev's time and I am still doing it), many criticised me, "Oh, he cannot do it! Gurudev chose him to do the construction, but he cannot do it!" For example, when I was doing the construction of the Govinda Kunda, many gossiped and criticised me, but I never thought, "Oh, they are criticising me, I will stop and leave the work." No! They criticised me, they told me to my face, "Oh, Gurudev chose you, but you are a very wrong person for construction! You cannot do it! You are just a village boy! How will you do it?" I did not care—rather, I heard it and felt more strength to do that service. I know Gurudev's mercy is alway with me. I have no quality, no qualification, but my only happiness and good luck is that I have the mercy of Gurudev. What is not possible can be possible by the mercy of Gurudev. By the mercy of Gurudev everything can be possible. Nothing is impossible when there is Gurudev's mercy. There is no such word as impossible in this life if you have Gurudev's mercy. You must remove this word 'impossible' from your dictionary because everything is possible by the mercy of Gurudev.

Dandavat, Srila Ashram Maharaj. Please accept my humble obeisance, Maharaj. How are you?

Srila Ashram Maharaj: Dandavat, Maharaj. Please accept my humble obeisance at your feet. I am fine, Maharaj. What about yourself? How is everything going there? Where are you now?

I am fine. I am now in Basirhat, Maharaj. I have a three-four day programme here. I do small programmes and visit many villages in the area. I am inviting people to come for Gurudev's appearance day. Because of the lockdown period, coronavirus or something, Bengali devotees have become a little lazy—their battery charge has finished. They do not have so much connection with the internet—those who have smartphones see me in the internet, they see I am giving a lecture in English, and they are happy, but sometimes they think, "Oh, there is no news from Gurudev... When can I come to the temple?" They feel a little anxious and sad, so I have come here for a few days to preach. I am going village to village and inviting Gurudev's disciples saying, "We are still alive, we have not died—please come and join Gurudev's appearance festival." There are two-three programmes every day. This morning, there was a sraddha ceremony (a fire sacrifice, yajna, etc.), then we chanted kirtans, I gave a class; in the evening time, I again gave a lecture, and, when I finished, they started kirtans and I came here to give the class in English for the foreign devotees. I give this class every week and I do not want to miss it.

It is necessary to preach. We must preach until the moment we leave this body, until our very death. Do you understand? Preaching is our life, and that is your bank deposit also. There is a spiritual bank, and a 'deposit' means you can make one person a devotee—you can try to covert at least one person into a devotee of the Lord, try to give back one son to the Lord. We are all sons of nectar (amritasya putra), we are sons of the Lord, but we have lost Him—we are searching for Him, and He is also searching for us. We all want to go back to His real home.

You must be a part of this Krishna consciousness movement—be a part of our Nama-sankritan movement. Everybody must join Krishna-sankirtan movement. I give you a class for one-two hours only, but during this time I am giving you energy. Actually, as long as I am alive, I want to give my entire lifetime to you so that you can preach and have a long life. Generally, it is not necessary to stay in this world for one hundred years. You can live even for ten years—if you chant and practise properly, that is sufficient. What is the use living one hundred and twenty years or one hundred years if you do not practise properly? However, a long life is necessary for those who are preaching Krishna consciousness in this world—they must live a long, long life.


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