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(7/11) Unburden Yourself

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Preaching programme, Basirhat, noon programme,
14 December 2020, part 7


[The cow is mooing again.] Give food to the cow. You must always keep some food, serve cows nicely.

I remember when I stayed at our temple in Gurudev's time, there were about forty cows that did not give any milk because they had had babies and had already gone old. One man thought, 'It is no use saying anything to Maharaj, I will speak directly to Gurudev.' He went to Gurudev and told Gurudev in front of me, 'I have told Maharaj many times, but he does not listen!'

'What does he not listen?' Gurudev asked him.

'So many cows are sitting and only eating, and we are spending much money on them. If we sell those cows, it will be good. We will save a lot of money.'

'I am also old now,' Gurudev replied, 'why don't you sell me, too? I am also old, I cannot do anything – I only sit in one place and eat. Why don't you sell me?'

I understood Gurudev's mood, so I always took care of cows. There is no loss for me. I had one hundred cows, and people gave donations for taking care of cows. So, what loss is there for me?

The other day somebody offered me four cows. I told them, 'Yes, give!' They have eleven brothers, and when one brother got married, he got four cows. They gave those cows to me, and I kept them first in Midnapore and then in Nrisingha Palli. Although the place in Nrisingha Palli is very small, I still brought cows there. The manager of the temple was upset about it. I told him, 'Do not worry about it. If you serve cows, the Lord will be happy. He will give money, He will arrange people.' When the cows came to Nrisingha Palli, somebody came the next day to take care of them. I told the manager then, 'You see? And you worried about who would take care of the cows.' He did not have the courage to tell me anything, but I could understand by his face what he wanted to say. 'Do not bring cows.' But people want to give cows and there is no place in Midnapore, so I brought them to Nrisingha Palli. He who gives cows will send people to look after the cows.

People say that I make many temples, but I have no people. It is not so. He who makes temples will arrange everything, will send people. Deities are installed by His wish (by the Lord's wish), so He will provide people to serve His Deities. All service is done by Him. Who am I to make anything? Am I the owner or the master? Am I the master to see others' bad and good qualities? He is the master of the whole creation, so He will do everything. Give everything up to Him. Why are you taking burden on your shoulders? When I face some trouble, I pray to the Lord, 'O Lord, this is all Your arrangement – You have created this problem, so You sort it out.' I put the Lord in charge of everything. 'Please do not give all this problem to me. It is Your job – You have arranged this situation, so You sort it all out.'


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Reviving Srila Prabhupad's Preaching
'..At that time Srila Sridhar Maharaj decided to go to Vrindavan and do bhajan, but when he got some akash dhvani, 'What did I give you sannyas for? For your own self?' he hurried away from Vrindavan..'

We got all this—name, fame, etc.—from our Guru, and if we do not use it
for the service to the Guru, if we use it for our own purpose, it is
the main offence, and because of that we can easily fall down.