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Try to Forget

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Kolkata, 20 December 2020, part 7


Question: If somebody has hurt me, how can I forget or overcome this bad feeling?

Through practising... You are a very young girl, and I know it is very difficult for you to forget such things... That is why we also must understand that when young children come to Krishna consciousness, we must not criticise their guru in front of them—they get pain when they hear it. Sometimes, we must think also. It is very bad to criticise the guru in front of the disciple. Sometimes, it happens also that parents may behave bad with their young children. I myself am an example of this.

When I was twelve or eleven years old, my father gave me one rupee and told me to bring him bidi (something like cigarettes, but cheaper). I went to school, but I forgot to bring it for him, and he beat me very much for that. I can still remember that. It may have happened fifty years ago, but I can still remember that day when he beat me. So, how will I tell this girl, "If somebody has hurt you, you must forget it." It happened to me, and even I still cannot forget it—my father beat me fifty years ago, and I cannot forget it because what was my fault? I forgot to bring him cigarettes, and he beat me. And that gentleman is still alive—he is almost ninety years old now (eighty-five or eighty-eight). Now he has given up smoking because he used to be a chain smoker and now he is suffering because of that (too much breathing problem, etc.). They tell me how much he is suffering, but I said that it was his karma-phal (result of his own actions). What did he do before? That gentleman was a chain smoker, that is why he is suffering now.

So, how can I tell you it is easy to forget it? It is not easy. Even I cannot forget it, then how can I tell you that you should forget it? It is not that easy... But at least you can try. OK? We are trying to forget it. I cannot tell you, "You should forget it! You should do this, that!" No. Even I cannot do that, then how will you do it? When somebody hits you, when somebody makes problem for you, when somebody abuses you, it is not something you can forget.

Thank you so much. I am finishing for today. Dandavat. May Krishna bless you all.


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