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Saranagati, Song 2


bhuliya tomare, samsare asiya
peye nana-vidha vyatha
tomara charane, asiyachhi ami,
baliba duhkhera katha [1]

Forgetting You and coming to the material world, I have undergone all sorts of suffering. Now I have come before Your feet and will express my tale of distress.

janani-jathare, chhilama yakhana,
visama bhandana-pase
eka-bara prabhu! dekha diya more
vanchile e dina dase [2]

While I was bound in the terrible confines of my mother's womb, You once revealed Yourself to me, O Lord! Yet since then You have deprived this poor servant.

takhana bhavinu, janama paiya,
kariba bhajana tava,
janama ha-ila, padi' maya-jale,
na ha-ila jnana-lava [3]

At that moment I thought I would engage in Your service after taking birth. Yet when I was born, I fell into maya's trap, and not a trace of such consciousness remained.

adarera chhele, svajanera kole,
hasiya katanu kala,
janaka-janani- snehete bhuliya,
samsara lagila bhala [4]

As a son of adoring parents, I spent my time in their laps, smiling and laughing. Because of my mother and father's affection, I forgot You and took pleasure in family life (material existence).

krame dina dina, balaka ha-iya,
khelinu balaka saha
ara kichhu-dine, jnana upajila,
patha padi ahar-ahah [5]

Day by day I grew into a young boy and played with other young boys. Later on my intellect developed, and I studied my lessons day in and day out.

vidyara gaurave, bhrami' dese dese,
dhana uparjana kari'
svajana-palana, kari eka-mane,
bhulinu tomare hari! [6]

Then on the strength of my learning, I travelled from place to place, earned money, and maintained my family with undivided attention. I forgot You, O Lord!

varddhakye ekhana, bhakati-vinoda,
kandiya katara ati
na bhajiya tore, dina vrtha gela,
ekhana ki ha'be gati? [7]

Now aged, Bhakti Vinod cries in great distress, "Not serving You, I have passed my days in vain. What will be my fate now?"




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