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Love for Gaudiya

Written by Bhagavan Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur Prabhupad
for the Gaudiya Magazine (Volume 1, Issue 5 — Saturday, 16 September 1934)


Dear Gaudiya-language-speaking readers, residents of Gauda (Bengal), we pray that your practice, behaviour, language, taste, moral regulations and religious faith become aligned with the precepts of Gaudiya (followers of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu). Please gradually give up whatever non-gaudiya elements that there are or that can appear within your Gaudiya identity and show the ideal of Gaudiya to the entire world. Make so that the non-Gaudiya, seeing your excellence, get an opportunity to abandon their selfish independence and busy themselves with obtaining your love. You should not foster any hostility towards the non-Gaudiya; may they also become recipients of your love. May you not mutilate the paramount ideal of the Gaudiya precepts by coveting to participate in that which is not Gaudiya.

Entire North and South India (Aryavarta and Daksinapath) were once flooded by the divine love of Sri Chaitanya, the supremely worshippable Deity of the Gaudiya. Others left whatever property and wealth they had and became worshippers of this divine love. Spiritual practices, behaviour, language, taste, moral regulations, religion – everything merged and floated in the current of divine love. Becoming Gaudiya followers, have you ever thought how broadly mutual antagonism, selfish ambitions and transient prestige decreased in those days? If you think about it, you will understand that lust, anger, greed, illusion, madness and envy are not part of Gaudiya nature. All such filth automatically floats away in the strong current of divine love. By a great misfortune for the Gaudiya, there appeared a schism in their spiritual practices, behaviour, etc. But does it mean that they will not get another chance to become initiated into this religion of divine love and give up the harm caused by other things? How can you lack anything? The distress and unhappiness seen in this world are due to a lack of divine love. And it is the lack of loving service that is taking the Gaudiya to another path.

If you wish to know how to attain the benefit and auspiciousness of the Gaudiya, it is necessary to first learn to love Gaudiya in your heart. When you develop such affection in your heart, your external activities and actions will become naturally directed towards the worship of the Gaudiya. Then, the loving Lord of the Gaudiya and Dravidians (residents of Bengal and South India), who loudly chanted the glory of the highest harmonising message, must for sure make His advent. There can be no spiritual benefit or auspiciousness of the Gaduiya until and unless the beauty of the divine love of Sri Gaurahari is pursued giving up the external knowledge of the non-Gaudiya. It is the propensity to serve the external world that casts us far away from the kingdom of divine love. At the same time, although barred from there, we have an eternal propensity for a loving pursuit. Chandogya says: "Syamach-chhavalam prapadye savalach-chhyamam prapadye (শ্যামাচ্ছবলং প্রপদ্যে শবলাচ্ছ্যামং প্রপদ্যে). By the help of Krishna, we shall be introduced to the service of Radha; by the help of Radha, we shall be introduced to the service of Krishna."




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