Uddhav Kunda

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Russia, 11 August 2003


Gopis' prem, Radharani's prem (affection) is the best...

One day Krishna wanted to examine Uddhav. You know that Uddhav was always with Krishna, and he had some ahankar (pride) because he thought, "I am an intimate friend of Krishna. I always live with Him. I am His biggest servitor." One day Krishna sent Uddhav to Vrindavan. He wanted to show him how much love and affection the gopis had for Him (Uddhav Maharaj did not know anything about it).

So, Uddhav Maharaj went to Vrindavan, and as soon as he arrived, all gopis came to him. Uddhav Maharaj looked almost the same as Krishna, and the gopis thought, "Maybe Krishna has come!" They came near him, but then they realised, "Oh, he is not Krishna," and they turned round to leave. Uddhav stopped them, "Why? Why are you going back? Yes, I am not Krishna, but I always live near Him. Do you see these clothes that I am wearing? These are my Prabhu's clothes—these are Krishna's clothes." As soon as gopis heard this, they began to pull his clothes and smell them. Uddhav was surprised, "Krishna is not here, but when they see these clothes and start to smell it..."

Then, Uddhav spoke to the gopis. He asked them, "How are you? Krishna sent me here to look after you all... He went to Mathura and has not been in Vrindavan for many days... How have you been living?" He asked them many questions. The gopis asked him,

"Does Krishna remember us?"

"Of course, He always remembers you. In fact, He told me one thing..." said Uddhav.

"What is it?"

"Krishna said: if you all close your eyes, then you can see Krishna."

Hearing this, all gopis began to laugh. They said,

"Wherever we look, we see Krishna. We cannot see anything besides Krishna. We always think about Him, we always see Him! Except Krishna, we do not see anything. Except Krishna, we do not think about anything. We want to forget Him! Can you give me a solution how I can forget Him?"

When Uddhav heard this, he began to cry. He thought, "What kind of love and affection, these gopis have for Krishna!" From his tears there appeared a kunda. The name of this kunda is Uddhav Kunda. (If you get an opportunity to go to Vrindavan some time, you can see it there.)

This is the kind of affection and love of the gopis...


...I am very happy to meet you all. I am a fallen soul and have no qualification to say anything, but by your mercy, by your blessings I could say something.

বাঞ্ছাকল্পতরুভ্যশ্চ কৃপাসিন্ধুভ্য এব চ ।
পতিতানাং পাবনেভ্যো বৈষ্ণবেভ্যো নমো নমঃ ॥

vanchha-kalpatarubhyas cha krpa-sindhubhya eva cha
patitanam pavanebhyo vaisnavebhyo namo namah

"Again and again I offer my obeisance unto the Supreme Lord's devotees, who are saviours of the fallen, oceans of mercy, and wish-fulfilling trees."


Uddhav Kunda in Sri Govardhan



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Austerity in Service
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