Kaliya-Daman Lila

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Caracas, Venezuela
21 September 2009


I saw devotees' drama about Kaliya-daman lila yesterday. It was very nice. Kaliya-daman lila is actually the only lila that all Vraja basis could see. There is no other lila like this because only all cowherd boys saw the other lilas. You watched it yesterday and you can understand it. When Kaliya-nag caught Krishna and tied Him with his body, Krishna did not come out at once, He was waiting. Why was He taking time? Because He was waiting for all the Vraja basis to come and see it. This is how all Vraja basis got an opportunity to see that lila.

All cowherd boys would tell their mother about Krishna. Even when He was just three days, Krishna killed Putana. Another time, a big bird, Bakasur, came and ate all boys, and when the boys came home they told their mothers, "Today we almost died! Nanda Maharaj's son Kanu (Krishna) protected us otherwise we would die!" The boys' mothers became surprised and said to their sons, "Tell your friend Krishna that we want to see such lila too." And Krishna gave them this opportunity—they could see that Kaliya-daman lila.

Where is Kaliya-nag now? Gurudev said that it is written in the scripture that he left for an island that is now known as Fiji island. He is staying there now. Krishna said to him, "There is too much disturbance because of you! There is so much bad smell, the Vraja basis cannot tolerate it, and all birds and beasts also die, they cannot tolerate it. You must go from here." Kaliya-nag said he was afraid of Garuda, but Krishna assured him, "Do not worry, when Garuda comes, show him the marks of My feet on your head, then Garuda will not touch you."

You can see also the vatsalya-rasa here. Mother Yasoda and Nanda Maharaj were so much afraid when Krishna was in the water, they began to cry. When Krishna finally came out of the water, He was cold and shaking so much. Mother took him to a hill, and the sun gave twelve times the heat of one sun. Vrindavan is generally very hot, but when the sun gave twelve times more heat, it became too hot, and there started wild fires. The Vraja basis became afraid, and seeing that, Krishna thought, "Oh, all My Vraja basis are afraid, I must do something." And Krishna ate all fire! Then, His mother took Him home and gave Him some hot milk. When Krishna drank it, He cried, "Oof! It is too hot! I cannot drink it!" His mother said, "A few hours ago I saw You eating fire, and now You say that the milk is hot?!" Krishna said, "Have you seen Me eating fire? Do not tell anybody!"

It happened at Dvadas-tila, we go there during the Kartik parikrama. "Dvadas" means twelve (twelve suns gave the heat at that time), and "tila" means a hill. That is how that hill became known as Dvadas-tila.


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