Power of Devotees' Hearts

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Caracas, Venezuela
28 September 2009


Mahaprabhu went to take sannyas in Katwa, and at that time all the Nabadwip basis (all the citizens, devotees of Nabadwip) became very sad. Even those who hated Mahaprabhu, who did not like Mahaprabhu, even they also cried for Mahaprabhu.

Then, after Mahaprabhu took sannyas, He wanted to go to Vrindavan, but because of all the Nabadwip-basis' affection, even Krishna Himself could not go to Vrindavan—all people of Nabadwip were crying so much that Mahaprabhu could not go there. After first three days, He came to the bank of the Ganges and saw Advaita Prabhu there. He became angry, "I am going to Vrindavan, how did you come here?!" Advaita Prabhu answered, "Prabhu, wherever You are, there is Vrindavan. You are here, so that is also Vrindavan. Even when you worship Ganga, there is Yamuna..." Then, many people came there, Mahaprabhu took some rest, and in the evening, after some kirtan, Mahaprabhu said to everybody, "I wanted to go to Vrindavan, but because of your affection I could not go there."

I am thinking now, when the Lord Himself could not go to Vrindavan, how could I go to Nabadwip yesterday? All devotees from Parama Karuna have so much affection for me that I could not go yesterday...

Devotees: JAY!

I was feeling sad yesterday, but today when I see so many devotee here all my sadness is gone. And that is true—without devotees' mercy it is not possible. Mahaprabhu also said, "I wanted to go to Vrindavan, but you are tying Me with so much bhakti-rupa dori (ভক্তি-রূপ দড়ি, rope of devotion), then how will I go to Vrindavan?! I could not go because you do not allow Me to go there." I am also thinking the same thing today.

This is the main thing—devotees' affection to Mahaprabhu... Mahaprabhu always said, "Bhakta More bandhiya rakhiyache hrdaya kamale (ভক্ত মরে বাঁধিয়া রাখিয়াছে হৃদয়-কমলে): devotees are binding Me with their hearts. Without their permission I cannot go anywhere..."

[Note: This is spoken at the last evening programme before leaving Caracas the next day...]


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