Srila Gauri Das Pandit

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
20 September 2009


Nitai and Gaura installed Themselves in the house of Gauri Das Pandit. One day Nityananda and Mahaprabhu went preaching, and They came to Gauri Das Pandit's house. Gauri Das Pandit said,

"Prabhu, You came willingly to my house, I did not invite You. It was Your wish to come, and it is my wish that You cannot go. Without my permission, You cannot go."

"How is it possible? We have to go preaching everywhere. We have to distribute the Holy Name everywhere, house to house."

"That is Your matter, but my wish is like this."

"Look behind!"

When Gauri Das Pandit turned round, he saw same Gaura Nitai inside his house, and They were talking. Gauri Das Pandit could not recognise, "Are You the original, or are They the original?"

Mahaprabhu asked him,

"OK, who will stay, those who are outside or inside?"

"Well, those who are inside my house are better."

From that time, Nitai and Gaura stayed there.

Gauri Das Pandit had a disciple named Chaitanya Das. Once Chaitanya Das and Gauri Das Pandit were going to celebrate Gaura Purnima. Gauri Das Pandit went preaching and collecting, and Chaitanya Das stayed to worship the Deities. Three days had passed, and Gauri Das Pandit did not return. Chaitanya Das became very anxious, "Why is Gurudev not coming? The festival is near..." And Chaitanya Das invited all the local devotees. The next day Gauri Das Pandit returned, and Chaitanya Das said,

"Gurudev, you came late, so I have invited all the devotees..."

"It is not good! Without my permission you invited everybody? It is not the mood of a disciple! Get out of my temple."

Chaitanya Das went away and stayed at the bank of the Ganges. On the Gaura Purnima day some devotees brought the bhoga and other things for the festival. Gauri Das Pandit asked them, "Who invited you? He who invited you, is not here. Maybe he is at the bank of the Ganges." And all the devotees took the bhoga, went to Chaitanya Das, and started the festival there. It was Gaura Purnima, but Gauri Das Pandit stayed alone.

At noon time he saw that the Deities were not there. Gauri Das Pandit got angry, "My Gaura Nitai?? Have They gone there?!" He went to the bank of the Ganges and saw thousands of thousands of devotees and Gaura Nitai dancing! He went with a stick, "I will beat Them!" Gaura Nitai became afraid and entered the heart of Chaitanya Das. From that day his name became Hridaya Chaitanya (he in whose heart Chaitanya is).

You see? When devotees are there, Krishna is there.


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