Sri Hari-Vasare

His Divine Grace
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj,
31 December 2010, morning


Question: Could we hear some meaning of the song Sri Hari Vasarer Tithi from you?

The meaning is simple.

sri hari-vasare hari-kirtana-vidhana
nrtya arambhila prabhu jagatera prana [1]

Hari-vasar activities are like this. Every day when the sankirtan started, Mahaprabhu started to dance. He always said, "I always stay in Srivas-angan. When there is chanting and dancing going on in it, I come there and also dance with you."

punyavanta srivasa-angane subharambha
uthila kirtana-dhvani gopala govinda [2]

They would start at Srivas Pandit's angan early in the morning and first sing the "Gopala Govinda" song.

mrdanga mandira baje sankha karatala
sankirtana sange saba ha-ila misala [3]

There were mridangas, sankhas, karatals, you know all these. Everybody chanted, danced, and all you could hear was the sounds of kartals and mridangas.

brahmande uthila dhvani puriya akasa
chaudikera amangala yaya saba nasa [4]

chatur-dike sri hari-mangala sankirtana
madhye nache jagannatha misrera nandana [5]

sabara angete sobhe sri chandana-mala
anande nachaye sabe ha-iye vibhola [6]

When Mahaprabhu came, everybody would give Him some chandan, a mala (sandalwood paste, a garland).

nijanande nache mahaprabhu visvambhara
charanera tali suni ati manohara [7]

Everybody danced with their legs.

bhavavese mala nahi rahaye galaya
chhindiya padaye giya bhakatera gaya [8]

When the devotees began to dance, chant and roll on the ground, all the garlands would fall down.

yanra namanande siva vasana na jane
yanra rase nache siva se nache apane [9]

Lord Siva also dances and chants there.

yanra name valmiki ha-ila tapodhana
yanra name ajamila paila mochana [10]

Valmiki, Ajamil, they all got rescued by this chanting of the Holy Name.

yanra name sravane samsara-bandha ghuche
hena prabhu avatari kali-yuge nache [11]

All bondage of the material world will be removed if you hear this Name, and the Lord appeared in this world and He Himself comes, dances and chants this Holy Name.

yanra nama la-i suka narada bedaya
sahasra-vadana-prabhu yara guna gaya [12]

Narad Goswami and Sukadev always chant His Name. Krishna Himself appeared in this world and chants this Name—He chants His own Name (!) and dances.

sarva-maha-prayaschita ye prabhura nama

Prayaschita means atonement—when you commit some sin, after that you do something opposite to make up for the sin; but if you chant this Holy Name, it is not necessary to do anything.

se prabhu nachaye dekhe yata bhagyavan [13]

Only the fortunate souls can see all this.

That is the meaning. Vrindavan Das Thakur wrote this song...



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