Fortune Favours the Brave

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Speaking to the devotees in Singapore
13 November 2011, part 3


It is necessary to increase the preaching movement. I can send you some books from Nabadwip—there are so many books, old and new, many Guru Maharaj's books, Gurudev's books. Somebody can take charge and appoint devotees, "You can distribute five copies," "You can distribute six copies," and so on. Do book distribution, spread our preaching movement in this way.

Somebody must take responsibility—not like, "You will always sing, and I will listen." No. Everybody must sing, everybody must take responsibility. Everybody thinks, "Oh, he is the temple president, he will do everything," or, "He is the secretary, it is his responsibility." It is not so. Everybody must have some responsibility and everybody must take much responsibility—the more one does, the more one gets. Gurudev says that if you can surrender 60%, you will get 60%, if you surrender 20%, you will get 20%, and if you take surrender 1%, you cannot hope to get 100%. You must understand this.

We must keep some time for service, for your Guru, it is necessary for our spiritual life.

You can write to me sometimes. Devotees from all over the world write to me all the time. If you read books, you will have many questions. when you get time, you must read the books. We actually do not know anything about Krishna consciousness... And you can always keep in touch with me through the Internet. Now is the Internet age, and you can contact me very easily. I answer so many questions from all over the world, sometimes 50-60 question per day. Devotees read books and they have question.

Loving search for the lost servant... If you practise, you will be perfect—practice makes perfect. If you read Gurudev's books, you will get Gurudev's association. It is necessary to read his books, and it is also necessary to chant. Chant all the time, any time. For example, now my blood sugar is so much less because every morning I do some walking for one hour and while I walk during that one hour I chant without the chanting beads. You can chant at any time, without the beads too. You can be sitting in a car and chanting. It does not matter where you are, always remember Krishna, do not forget Him. That is my main message to you...

I always feel sad that Singapore devotees never ask questions, but I guess they know everything because they are always with Gurudev, they keep Gurudev in their hearts and they always get inspiration from Gurudev. Because you keep Gurudev in your heart, I can see Gurudev through you all... So, if you have any questions, Gurudev can give answer to you.

Gurudev is always ready to answer your hankering, to fulfil any desire you have, to supply anything you ask for. If you have some desire, mercy will come, and you must remember one thing that Gurudev said: no service—no mercy; no mercy—no service.


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