His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
10 September 2013, part 3


Some devotee wrote to me saying, "Maharaj, can you come to Mexico?" I replied, "Yes, I can come during one of my visits—when I go to Mexico some time for fifteen days or so, I can come there." I was thinking the money we collect is Deities' money, Mahaprabhu's money. Gurudev told me, "You must manage my money," so why must I spend so much money to go there for two days and go there to enjoy? Their service is now there in Mexico, what will I go there for? I thought it would be better if I did not go. Today that devotee wrote to me again saying, "Oh, from the temple you are doing so much collection service for the Deities, for the service management, temple maintenance..." They understood it. So, I wrote in reply, "Yes, now your tama-sanga (association with the mode of ignorance) is removed."

When I went to Venezuela, when I went to London, I saw that people work the whole day, they come home at night... They do not eat the whole day and in the evening they go to a cafe, take some food, come to their room, watch TV and go to bed... It is very sad to see what people are doing with their life time. They think this is the highest lifestyle, but it is the same as a dog's lifestyle! Maybe dogs do not watch the TV, but other than that it is the same...

I saw also a devotee in Singapore. They used to rent a house and at that time they had got a home loan. How many years do they have to pay the loan? Ninety years! Tell me, will they be alive for ninety years? It means they will earn money their whole life and it is only for eating and paying the loan. What kind of a lifestyle is that, tell me? Better if they leave the house, take the money back, stay in the temple, serve their whole life and go to Goloka Vrindavan. Finished.

Life is very short and it is very dangerous—"Jivana anitya janaha sara tahe nana-vidha vipada-bhara (জীবন অনিত্য জানহ সার তাহে নানাবিধ বিপদ-ভার)."

You have been to Bangladesh, you saw how people live there. I heard there was a young girl, seventeen-eighteen years old, who was sleeping on the roof of her house inside a mosquito net when a snake entered it and bit her. It happened yesterday. How did the snake get up there? Anyhow, she did not die, they took the poison out (Krishna arranged it). So, do you understand? Life is full of danger, and danger can come at any time—we can leave this body at any time...


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Sri Bhakti Siddhanta Vani
'If someone does not consider it necessary to faithfully follow their Guru and the Vaishnavs, their endeavour to serve the Lord is not service to the Lord—it is service to maya.'


Durlabha manava-janma
'Abandon Maya's illusion and search for the eternal truth: devotion to Krishna.'
দুর্লভ মানব জন্ম

You can distribute prasadam and they will get a little benefit, but if we distribute
Krishna-katha that will bring more benefit to them.