Firm and Fearless

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
24 June 2013


We are here today by the mercy of Gurudev, by the mercy of the devotees, and we are praying to all devotees that they practise Krishna consciousness properly. Sometimes devotees face so much problem... When we go along the current it is not necessary to do much hard labour; but when the current is going against us, then we have to labour hard. We must practise hard for our spiritual life.

We are fallen souls, we have no quality or qualification to serve the devotees, to serve the Vaishnavs, Gurudev, the Lord, but by the mercy of Gurudev and through our practising life we can become qualified for pure Krishna consciousness.

Krishna is taking us home, and He will clean us. We are dirty after so many lives, so many years of being engaged in our own enjoyment, using the Lord. In this world also, I have seen people using their Guru, using the Lord for their own purpose. It is not right, we are jiva souls, servants of the Lord, and must serve Krishna. Because of our ego, illusory environment, we think we do everything, and we do not think that Krishna does everything.

There is a reason why we do so many things. We always make so many festivals—just a few days ago we made the Deity installation festival in Siliguri, then we went to Ekachakra, and before that to Panihati for Raghunath Das Goswami's festival... Every time we make a festival we call devotees because we always want to present Gurudev's conception. We want to present something to the devotees—in this world people, the jiva souls, are suffering, and it is our duty to give them some relief, jive daya. This is the main thing that is necessary.

So many disturbances will come, but why will we be afraid? In our life, the only thing that is certain is death. One way or another, we will die, but when Krishna protects us, Gurudev protects us, there is nothing to be afraid of. When Prabhupad Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur was giving the last sannyas in his lifetime to Sripad Jajavar Maharaj, who was 26 years old at that time and was very afraid, he said, "Why are you afraid? You are going to surrender to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. You are doing something for Him, so why are you afraid?"

Our duty is to serve the Lord, serve the Guru properly, and the Lord's duty is to serve, protect His devotees. The Lord Himself said, "I will protect you." Strongest faith is necessary—if there is a lack of faith, problems will come. Faith is always necessary: without faith we cannot make it.

So, we must do our service under the proper guidance, that is why we take shelter of a bona fide Guru: if we can follow properly his advice and what he tells us to do, then we can easily be successful in our spiritual life. When you surrender, you will understand it...


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What is there to be afraid of? Those who have surrendered themselves to
the lotus feet of Guru, they are not afraid of death. We are soldiers of Gurudev,
and soldiers are not afraid of death.