Chastity Is Not Lip-Deep

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham, 2 December 2014


Yesterday I saw in the camera that you were at the wedding house...

Devotee: Yes, I went there for a short time...


Devotee: I've never seen an Indian wedding before.

Who told you to go there? Is there any devotional program there? You are from a devotees' family, where will you go—to a mundane program or a devotional program?

Devotee: To a devotional program...

Then why did you go to a mundane program? Do you not know what a wedding is like? All the music, the nonsense... Do you have no eyes? Or do you see Krishna everywhere? If somebody is an uttam-bhakta, they always see Krishna everywhere, then it is no problem. Did you see Krishna there?

Why did you go there? I do not like it...

Devotee: I went to see the lights, and they invited me...

They invited you? And if tomorrow Narayan Maharaj's people come and invite you, will go there too?

My word is very heavy, but I have to say it.

You may be coming from a different culture, that is not a problem, but you are coming to Gurudev's ashram for the spiritual matter. If I go to some Western country and some other people invite me somewhere, I must first ask the host in the country I am in for the permission to go anywhere. This is what I learnt from my Guru.

They also invited me to that 'festival' and gave Rs 2,000 for some Vaishnav seva. I immediately gave that money to Manas Krishna Prabhu and told him to buy some fruit to make a special preparation for the Deities. You can use them, no problem, but why will they use you? That is my question. These are not my words, these are Gurudev's words.

Once, a disciple of Gurudev made some house and the police occupied that place. He kept asking me to come because some temple representative was necessary there. I could not go myself because I had to be in another place, but I sent a devotee instead. When that devotee returned, Gurudev asked him, "Prabhu, where did you go?" The devotee explained where he had been to. Gurudev asked, "Who sent you there?" The devotee told the truth, "Vinod Prabhu sent me there." Then Gurudev called me, "Why did you send him there?" I explained, "That man is your disciple, and he kept asking me to go there." Finally, Gurudev called his disciple and, when he came, he chastised him so much. That time he said, "Not to use me! I will use you."

So, you can use them... But can you do that? Can you make them devotees?...




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