Spiritual Sustenance

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
19 September 2015, part 1


Everybody does some service, but only few persons have attachment to their service. Attachment to service comes by practising properly, by avoiding deceitful devotion.

When we took initiation, we joined Krishna's family, so now our family is Krishna's family—we have left the mundane family and become members of Krishna's family. We can stay permanently in Vrindavan Dham, in Vraja, Goloka Vrindavan, avoiding birth and death. That is why we joined Krishna's family.

After we have got a membership in Krishna's family, we must renew this membership all the time through service. You know, if you open a bank account but do not operate it properly, your bank account will be closed—you must deposit and withdraw money from the account, then it will operate properly and the account will be active or valid. In the same way, you have joined Krishna's family, and if you do not keep proper connection, if you think that you have got initiation from your Guru and that is sufficient, if you do not practise properly, do not serve properly, if you do not fulfil your Gurudev's desire properly, then you will lose your membership, you will lose your connection. This is why we must do proper service.

Even if you are a householder devotee, your duty is Vaishnav-seva, sadhu-seva and Nama-sankirtan. These two are your main practices. There is actually no difference between a householder devotee and a sannyasi, but there is some difference in their services. A householder devotee has to maintain their family and a fully renounced person (a sannyasi or a brahmachari) has to maintain Gurudev's family, Krishna's family. That is the difference. Otherwise, you live in your house and you think it is your house, but you must think that everything is Krishna's property, everything is Gurudev's property. You can think in this way and depend in everything on him, then you will have no sadness, no unhappiness—no sadness, no unhappiness will come in your life.

Try your best. Do not get so much involved with family affairs and mundane things, the main thing is that you must sacrifice your life for the Guru, for Krishna.

Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. If you do not eat anything, you will be tired and weak, and all the parts of your body, all the instruments of your body will be weak; but if you eat something, if you put something into your mouth, then the food will go to the stomach and all your instruments will work for your body. In the same way, if you pour water under the tree, then all the branches, all the leaves will get water—if you serve Krishna's family, if you depend upon Krishna and Krishna's family, then everything will be perfect, everything will be useful. Do you understand? Depend upon Him...


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If you hear what sadhus tell you, what is expressed and exposed to you, and
you start to serve, with love and affection, heart and soul, then first faith will
come, then attachment, then love, and finally devotion will come.