Do Not Despair

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Speaking to the devotees in Colombia
16 July 2017, part 2


Question: Normally, we all want to live in harmony, but sometimes it happens that everything is not harmonised. What should we do then and why does it happen?

Actually, we all come from different families, different background, that is why some disagreement is inevitable. For example, when you keep some utensils together, they are bound to make some sound. We all live together, but what is the problem? Fighting can happen sometimes because everybody thinks about their own ego; but everybody must think, "We must be humble, we must tolerate, and give honour to others." This is how we can harmonise everything.

Question: Sometimes people leave their service, and they do not practise these things—humility, tolerance, etc.

If somebody leaves their service, that is their fault, it is their offence. There must be some offence, gradually it increases, there is some Vaishnav aparadha, and then service leaves them.

Devotee: Gurudev, I would like to apologise and offer my dandavat pranam to you. I left the temple one month ago, and I feel very bad now when I heard what you have just said. I understand that it is all my fault. I just wanted to say that, although I am not staying at the temple now, I am still your servant. I am a fallen soul, but I feel you are my spiritual master, you are the Lord for me... I always try to do some service, to keep some connection with the devotees...

No problem. Do not discourage yourself. Sometimes Krishna tests us to see how much we can tolerate. This is another reason why sometimes people leave the temple. Somebody may live outside, but their heart is always in connection with their Guru, with Krishna, and the temple. So, do not worry about it, practise properly, chant the Holy Name properly without offences, and one day you will conquer everything, do not worry. Suppose, a dog falls into a hole—if it starts barking and thinking about its Guru, its Guru will rescue it from that hole.

Question: How can we not lose the essence of service mood?

Practise properly. Continue practising with sincerity, be simple-hearted, and you will never lose your service. Also, you must have proper chastity to your Guru.


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