Just What the Doctor Ordered?

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
20 February 2018, Kolkata, part 7


Suppose you live in a village and you get sick. You go to a doctor, but you do not become cured. Then, you come to Kolkata—you get an appointment with a good doctor in three months. Three months later you again come to Kolkata and you sit the whole day in the clinic—in the evening, you finally see the doctor, he gives you a prescription, you go to the pharmacy, buy the medicine, you take the medicine, and then you are cured. But(!) Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Gurudev send sadhus, devotees door to door, house to house to rescue you from the illusory environment and to send you for the service of Radha-Krishna in your proper place—in Goloka, Sri Vrindavan Dham! Gurudev sends us from this world, he hijacks us.

We say, "Ami sakti-buddhi-hina, ami ati dina, koro more atmasatha." What does it mean? It means, "I have no energy; I have no intelligence, and I am very poor and humble, I do not have anything—please hijack me!" Guru comes to your house to hijack—not to hijack your money, not to hijack your wealth, your property, or your car—he does not want anything from you, he only comes to hijack you! Sadhus come to help you, sadhus come to hijack you—hijack from where? From the illusory environment. They come to hijack you from the illusory environment and to send you to Krishna's place, Goloka Vrindavan.

This is the main thing, but there are so many karmi gurus, so many jnani gurus, so many kaulik gurus (Kali-yuga gurus), so many laulik gurus (family gurus)—so many kinds of gurus—in this world. That is why it is very hard to preach. There is so much mayavadi conception, so much sahajiya conception, there are so many other misconceptions going on in this world...

I always tell them this example also:

Suppose you come to a doctor and say, "I do not have energy to do anything, my health is not good, I do not sleep properly. Please, doctor, give me some medicine." The doctor says, "OK, but I will not give the medicine to you today—first you must do the blood test. Come tomorrow and do a blood test on empty stomach (fasting), then repeat the blood test two hours later. It is necessary to monitor it every month." Three months later, they check your blood again and see that your blood sugar is 150 when you are fasting. So, you are a diabetic. The doctor tells you, "Take this one tablet on empty stomach in the morning every day, and do not take sweets, potato and do not eat much rice." Hearing this, you start objecting, "Oh, doctor, I have money. You can prescribe more medicine, I can buy and take it, it is not a problem, but I cannot leave sweets..."

If the doctor loves you, he will say, "I do not want you—I do not need a patient like you. Go away from here. I cannot cure you unless you give up sweets. If you only give me money, then you will lose not only your money, but your health and everything else as well—you will lose your kidneys, your eyes, and so on. Your disease will progress." Then, the patient thinks, "This doctor is not giving me the proper advice. He will not listen to me. OK, I will leave this doctor and go to another one."

Then, the patient comes to another doctor, and that doctor says, "OK, no problem! You can eat sweets, and you can try to give it up gradually. Eat ten sweets today, nine tomorrow, and so on until you manage to give it up." In the meantime, the doctor is thinking, "If he dies, what is my problem? He will come to me every two weeks and I will get money, my 500 rupees' fee. Seven days later I will prescribe him more medicine, or stronger medicine. He will come to me ten days later, I will again get my 500 rupees and give him double medicine again. Even if he dies, what is it to me?"

There are gurus in this world who do like this, but you think about it...


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