Continue Preaching Programme

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Speaking online to devotees in Johannesburg
15 September 2018, part 4


Try to gather together. I always go here and there serving Gurudev's mission, trying to protect Gurudev's mission, Gurudev's devotees. I am trying. And I am very happy to see you all today. Actually, when I see you, I remember Gurudev—I can see Gurudev through you all.

You would often come to India in Gurudev's time. Always come. When my legal problems are finished, I think it will be soon, and I am able to go abroad, I will try to come to South Africa. Also, I am telling you one thing. Actually, my representative, Sripad Tyagi Maharaj, is visiting different countries all over the world, and you can also invite him once or twice a year for perhaps seven days at a time. That will be good for you. He knows Gurudev's siddhanta, Guru Maharaj's siddhanta, and you can invite him—he can preach at house programmes or big programmes, any programmes; he can preach to you all and can give you all nourishment. I am sure about that. You can arrange the programmes and collect money for his ticket, contact him and find out what time he can come. That will be good for you. OK? Until I come to South Africa, he can give good nourishment to you. That is my hope.

In the meantime, you should continue your preaching. Go to house programmes from time to time—have istha gosthi, nama-hatta programmes, Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Sankirtan Maha-Mandal programmes. You can also go to the street with street sankirtan, you can sometimes go to the market to chant the Holy Name if it is allowed in the country. I do not know about South Africa, but not all countries allow sankirtan everywhere, there are restrictions in some countries. If allowed, you can chant the Holy Name in the street, in a park—those who hear the Holy Name will be very happy. My point is that you must all continue your preaching programme. It will give happiness to Gurudev. OK?

I am going to Nrisingha Palli tomorrow and from there to Hapaniya because Radharani's appearance day is on Monday and I will make the festival there, in Hapaniya. In Gurudev's time I went to celebrate this festival in Hapaniya every year, and this year also—I will go to Hapaniya tomorrow in the evening and the programme will be the next day.

Always keep in touch with me. Whenever you want to have a skype programme, I will try to participate with you all. I am a fallen soul, please do not forget me.


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