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Be Careful and Wise

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Kolkata-Worldwide, 28 March 2020, part 8


Are you fighting against coronavirus or are you fighting against maya? It is necessary to fight against maya, do you understand it?

I have heard that the UK prime-minister is attacked by the coronavirus—that happened because of his ego. He had told many things before that, and not only he—the health secretary is also attacked, the prince is also attacked. This is so much, but anyhow this was necessary. Yamaraj has sent these things because the whole world keeps thinking about scientists, scientists, scientists. Italy has so much ego thinking they can even make a human being. They think too much, and now so many human beings are dying. Only human beings are dying of this virus, no animals die of it. That is the reaction—all over the world people eat animal and now Krishna is giving them punishment through Yamaraj.

Wherever we are, even when we are in home quarantine like now, our duty is to chant the Holy Name and preach Krishna consciousness all over the world. We now have got time to read books, and to write books also. It was a very busy time before Gaura Purnima for me, I did not get proper time—I was busy all day and night. And now Krishna is giving some arrangement, "OK, you are in home quarantine for twenty-one days, so you can write something in these twenty-one days." I have got this time now.

Anyhow, this is my message for the devotees all over the world. I am getting the news that all devotees are OK, and everyone should be careful. Do not worry—Krishna will arrange everything. It is not necessary to think about anything. None of us knows what His arrangement is, but whatever arrangement it is, I can say that it will be good for devotees. This arrangement is good for devotees.

Krishna is always with His devotees. His devotees do not know anything except Krishna, and Krishna Himself also told, "I do not know anything or anyone except My devotees. I always think about their wellbeing, I am always their well-wisher." When Krishna always thinks about His devotees, we have nothing to worry about. Whether we are in hell, heaven or in the liberated position, we will always think about the Lord, chant His Holy Name and carry on our life. Some are always thinking now how money will come, how to pay the bills, etc., but Krishna will give money, do not worry.



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Perfect Resolve
'Enjoyment will never go away from you, but what will go away? Krishna consciousness—the most important thing. You will never get this opportunity again. That is why it is necessary to understand what this life is for, what Krishna consciousness is, and that is why good association is so necessary.'


Jaya jaya gurudever
'In the sky of the Gaudiya Vaisnavas, you are the sun-like Acharya. You are always fond of service, and your voice is sweet.'
জয় জয় গুরুদেবের

Have we become a Vaishnav or do we only wear the dress of a Vaishnav? Do we practise
properly or do we pretend and show false renunciation? We must ask ourselves.