Chaoya ("A Wish")


(A Bengali poem written by His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj and published in Sri Gaudiya Darshan magazine, Issue 2, 17 October 1955.)
(The poem layout is preserved as it is.)



ami chai na ha'te ei jagatera svaraja-danda-dhara
ami chai na ha'te mukti-pathera navina nyasi-vara [1]

I do not desire to be an autonomous king of this world. I do not desire to be an exalted young renunciant on the path of liberation.

ami nai va gelam puri,
gaya, kasi, badarinara'na
nai va elama ghuri'
yadi kona janme paire hote vaisnava-kinkara
amara sakala asa-i mitbe re bhai pai yadi ai vara [2]

I do not want to go to Puri, Gaya, Kasi, Badrinath Narayan, or go roaming anywhere else. O brother, if I could just get such a boon that in some birth I may become a servant of the Vaishnavs, then all my desires will be fulfilled.

ami chai na pete mukti hate —bhuktire ke mage?
yadi gauraharira charana-sevaka-charana paire lage [3]

I do not want to have libration in my hands, and who wants enjoyment if they can get the lotus feet of a servitor of Gaurahari?

yadi brahma ese chhale
indra tahara rajadhani deya
tao phirai hele,
ara ki debe laksmi-nara'na? —tao hrde nai jage
ami chai re sudhu sachi-sutera sevaka-charana-rage [4]

If Brahma comes to me or Indra offers me his capital, I will refuse from it all. And what will Laksmi-Narayan give me? It does not even enter my heart. I only want to have love and attachment to the feet of Sachi Suta's servants.


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Original Bengali Text

I sing every day for your practice, to engage you in kirtan. Every day I sing the same songs, morning and evening—what for?