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When Krishna Gives Mercy

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
22 June 2015


[His Divine Grace is reading from Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita, Madhya-lila, chapter 22:]

anya-kami yadi kare krsnera bhajana
na magiteha krsna tare dena sva-charana

"If somebody has some material desires but worships Krishna, Krishna gives them His lotus feet even though they do not ask for it." [37]

If somebody worships Krishna and asks for some other things, Krishna is very merciful—He gives them His lotus feet because they worship Krishna and they are innocent, have no knowledge. Knowledge cannot do it for you—if you have no devotion to Krishna, knowledge will not give you liberation; but if you have no knowledge and have devotion to Krishna, then you can get liberation. It says here that if you want other things (enjoyment, liberation, some power) but worship Krishna, then eventually you will get the lotus feet of Krishna.

krsna kahe,—'ama bhaje, mage visaya-sukha
amrta chhadi' visa mage,—ei bada murkha

"Krishna says, 'They worship Me, desiring material happiness—leaving aside nectar, they ask for poison. They are great fools.'" [38]

Krishna says, "They worship Me but ask for some material enjoyment. They are fools—they ask Me for poison and reject nectar. Instead of asking Me for nectar, they are asking Me for poison, but they are My sons, so why will I give them poison? I am not going to do that. Instead of poison, I will give them My lotus feet—I will give them nectar."

ami—vijna, ei murkhe 'visaya' kene diba?
sva-charanamrta diya 'visaya' bhulaiba

"'I know better, so why will I give these fools poison? I will give them the nectar of My lotus feet, then they will forget about the poison!'" [39]

Krishna says, "I am intelligent, and they are foolish. Why would I give My foolish son poison? I better give him the nectar of My lotus feet that will make him forget all kinds of material enjoyment!"

If somebody tastes these kinds of things, they will not think about material enjoyment any more—if somebody drinks the nectar of the lotus feet of the Lord once, no material desires will remain in them.

kama lagi' krsne bhaje, paya krsna-rase
kama chadi' 'dasa' haite haya abhilase

"Somebody wants material enjoyment and worships Krishna, but when they get the taste of Krishna's nectar, they leave all their desires and aspire to become a servant." [41]

They repent, "Prabhu, how much have I been kicked around? I have listened to my wife, children, friends—how many orders I have taken from others! I have obeyed them, but they have never had any pity on me—they did not have any love or care for me. Now I am leaving them all and surrendering to You, Prabhu! Please make me Your servant, give me Your service!"

What a beautiful sloka Srila Rupa Goswami Prabhu wrote in Sri Bhakti-rasamrita-sindhuh (3.2.25).

samsara bhramite kona bhagye keha tare
nadira pravahe yena kastha lage tire

"Wandering throughout the material world, some souls get good fortune and somehow cross this ocean of material life just as a wooden stick floating in the water gets washed ashore." [43]

We were swimming in the river, but somehow we got to the bank—have reached the land. When we leave the Lord, we only become burdened in this world—we worry about the house, money, and so on...

There are many gurus in this world (karmi-guru, jnani-guru, yogi-guru, kaulik guru, laukik guru, and so on), but to leave this eternal Maya (nitya-samsar), you need an eternal master (nitya-guru). When you come to such a bona fide Guru, he can rescue you. How? The Guru gives you a supreme mantra and when you take the mantra Maya the Witch runs away. Then you get Krishna-bhakti and come close to Krishna.

kona bhagye karo samsara ksayonmukha haya
sadhu-sange tabe krsne rati upajaya

"By some good fortune, the material world begins to dissipate for them. They associate with sadhus, and attachment to Krishna arises within them." [45]

"The material world gradually becomes destroyed, and the wandering of the soul comes to an end, then by good association attachment to Krishna awakens in them."

krsna yadi krpa kare kona bhagyavane
guru-antaryami-rupe sikhaya apane

"When Krishna gives His mercy to a fortunate soul, He personally instructs this soul from within in the form of an internal Guru." [47]

There is a Guru in your heart, and when Krishna gives His mercy to you, that Guru speaks from your heart and teaches you. This does not happen to everyone—only to a fortunate soul. Then, this chaitya-guru, the internal Guru, takes you to the mahanta-guru, the initiating Guru. The chaitya-guru (the Guru in your heart) tells you, "You no longer need to stay here. Take shelter of a bona fide Guru, surrender to him, then your offences will go away and Maya will withdraw. When you come to the lotus feet of your Guru, you will get service to Krishna and became a member of Krishna's family."

In this world there are two families—Maya's family and Krishna's family. You have already got the membership in Krishna's family, but you must not lose it...

Utter just once, "কৃষ্ণ, আমি তোমার, তুমি আমার: Krsna, ami tomar, tumi amar!" ("Krishna, I am Yours, and You are mine!") and Maya will go away...


Jay Om Vishnupad Jagad-Guru Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj ki jay!



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