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Tackling Mood Swings

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham, India
12 March 2016


Question: How should we deal with different moods? Sometimes you have a good day and you are in a good mood, everything is nice, you are affectionate to others, but the problem comes when it is a bad day and you are in a bad mood, then nothing seems to be working out. How to stay positive in such circumstances?

Actually it depends upon the practitioner, on the kind of practitioner and on the level of their practice.

For example, what happened today? Every time I go to Nrisingha Palli, I first pay obeisance to Lord Nrisinghadev and give some daksin, or pranami, to Him, but when I went there today, the Iskcon parikrama came and it was too crowded in the front, so I could not see the Deity. I paid obeisance behind the crowd, but I did not give any daksin and could not see Lord Nrisinghadev's face.

After that, I went to look after the construction, and my mood was very bad because I cannot tolerate lazy work—today the workers were very lazy and did everything very slowly. I said, "They are so lazy, I will not stay here further. I cannot tolerate that."

I came back to the car and as we started driving away, I thought, "Oh, I have not seen today the face of Lord Nrisinghadev properly, I have not given any daksin to Him—it is my bad day today. No, I must return and go there again." So, the car returned to Nrisingha Palli and I went to see Nrisinghadev through another door (not the front one). I paid obeisances, saw Lord Nrisinghadev's face, gave some panami to Him and took one Tulasi leaf from His Lordship. After that, my mood changed. Do you see?

It comes through practising. Some day your mood is not good, but you should chant the Holy Name, chant and practise more and more. You should think, "Why is my mind not good? Why is my mood not good? I must do more service, I must practise more. More is necessary." In this way you can easily handle it...

Mind is always naughty, it always takes you to so many places, taking you away from service, but you have intelligence, and with that intelligence you can control your mind, "I must do my service."


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