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Life in Kirtan

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Kulgachia Gram, Howrah District
6 May 2018, part 11


I have said many things, but it is necessary to practise through kirtan. "Kirtana prabhave smarana haibe: chanting of the Holy Name arouses remembrance" (Vaishnav Ke?).

Wake up early in the morning, chant five kirtans in the morning, five kirtans in the evening. It does not take much. Chant the kirtan of Guru, Pancha-tattva, Vaishnavs, Nitai, Mahaprabhu, after that Hare Krishna maha-mantra, Hari haraya, and finish. Chant kirtans and learn them by heart. This is practice. Bhajan means practice.

Guru Maharaj said, "You think it is so easy to chant Hare Krishna, but when somebody hits you, does Hare Krishna slip from your mouth or 'Mother! Father!'?" People say, "I chant one lakh Names," but Guru Maharaj said, "I struggle to chant four rounds, I cannot do even that because I become short of breath." When you chant all the time, then the Name of Krishna always comes to your mouth. When you always chant, then the Lord, the Lord's pastimes and discussions always come to your mind, then we can get the Lord. Always remember this. Learn the morning and evening kirtans by heart.

You can chant "Sri Guru-charana-padma", "Gurudev, krpa bindu diya" in the evening and in the morning. You can sing the Tulasi parikrama song in the evening and morning also; after that, a kirtan of Pancha-tattva—"Sri Krsna Chaitanya Prabhu doya koro more" in the evening and "Sri Krishna Chaitanya jive doya kori" in the morning. You can sing "Thakura Vaishnava-gana kori ei nivedana mora bada adhama durachara" in the morning and "Ohe Vaishnava Thakura" in the evening, followed by "Sri Krishna Chaitanya doya koro more," "Nitai-pada-kamala," "Gaurangera dyuti pada," or "Avatara sara gara avatara," or "Emona durmati." We mostly sing "Nitai-pada-kamala" in the evening and "Nitai-gunamani amar", "Akrodha paramananda Nityananda Raya" in the morning or at any other times. There are many kirtans for Mahaprabhu. Guru Maharaj always sang "Emona durmati samsara bhitare," you can chant it in the evening and in the morning. "Bhaja re bhaja re mana mana ati manda, bhajan bina gati nai re" is a morning kirtan. "Vibhavari sesa aloka prevesa nidra chhadi utha jiva" is also a morning kirtan. Everybody can chant kirtans. I do not have time to read the kirtans with a book and learn them by heart but after singing them at the programmes I learnt them by heart automatically. Practise in this way always. Always engage in the perpetual, daily service of the Lord.

Keep a photo of Guru-parampara or of Deities, wake up early in the morning, do arati every day. It is not necessary to have much money for that—just one bell, one plate and the arati paraphernalia (you spend so much money on doctors, medicine, etc. [everybody can afford arati paraphernalia if they want to.] If you do this daily, perpetual service of the Lord, then you can attain such perpetual service.

Why do we serve the Lord? Because we want to go to the Lord's abode. Do you think you will go there and just sit? The Lord's abode is an abode of service, and we must enter into that service, take part in it. If you make flower garlands here, you can go and do this service there too. If you cook and offer bhog to the Lord here, you can go there and get this opportunity to offer bhog there. If you wash the Lord's temple here, you can go there and get this opportunity there too. You must think in this way and always remember these things that I am telling you and practise it.


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