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Vision and Hope

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Speaking online to devotees in Latin America
24 August 2018, part 2


Gurudev gave me this service of protecting his devotees, protecting his mission and his Deities, and I am trying, I am trying heart and soul. Today I have been travelling the whole day—I am trying to serve and protect Gurudev's mission. In this way, I am trying to continue the programme and practising, trying to make the festival, trying to give some energy to the devotees, and also trying to make some temples, some shelter for the devotees. This is the vision.

পৃথিবীতে যত আছে নগরাদি গ্রাম ।
সর্ব্বত্র প্রচার হইবে মোর নাম ॥১২৬॥

prthivite yata achhe nagaradi grama
sarvatra prachara haibe mora nama

"My Name will be spread in every town and village of the world."

Mahaprabhu said that His Holy Name would be preached in every village, in every corner of the world, but we are trying to extend this consciousness to everybody's heart. That is the main thing, and we should do whatever is necessary for that service.

I am thinking a devotee wants to take initiation, we can do it now because I have another programme to attend to today—I have to go to some political people for my mission and I cannot stay with you so much time today. I always remember you. You may be staying far from me, but distance does not matter—it is a heart to heart relation. Devotees are always in my heart. Venezuelan, Colombian, Brazilian devotees always try to serve and they follow Gurudev's order. I do not have so many good qualities, I have many bad qualities, but Gurudev told you all to help me and stay with me and you are doing that.

I have been serving Gurudev's temple, Guru Maharaj's temple for almost thirty years, but now I am out of Nabadwip and actually cannot go to the temple. Still, I am trying to keep the devotees together. And at this critical moment, in my critical condition, devotees are helping me, they are supporting me in one way or another, they do not forget me... It gives me hope.

I heard there is going to be an initiation today. Who will take initiation?

Devotee: Arturo from Maracaibo (Venezuela).

Venezuelan devotees are doing so much. They are facing so much problem because of their country's economical condition, but tolerance is our religion. It is necessary to have tolerance and patience.

You may not have so much money now, you may have no money actually—you cannot even buy fruit or other bhoga for the Deities, but Krishna said in Srimad Bhagavad-gita that even if you cannot provide so many things for the Deities, you should still try to provide at least one Tulasi leaf and one drop of Ganges water. That is sufficient. Krishna says, "If a devotee gives Me one Tulasi leaf and one drop of Ganges water, I cannot repay their debt—therefore I have to give Myself to that devotee." So, do not worry about it. When you collected much money, you offered much opulent food and Gaura Nitai took it, but now you cannot provide that—do not worry about that, do not be sorry, do not be sad about it because even if you have nothing, you still have Tulasi leaves and Ganges water. That is sufficient.


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