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His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Talking to devotees in Colombia
1 December 2018, Dum Dum Park, part 4


Question: Last year there was a festival where people made something like chariots and went with those chariots to the centre of the city. A lot of people come to this festival. Devotees arranged to have a place for preaching—they made a chariot in the form of an elephant and did Harinam sankirtan among the people who came to the festival. We want to ask you for your blessing so that we may do this service well for your satisfaction.

Yes, very nice. You can distribute Hari-katha, distribute prasad there. It is service, you can preach in this way. Wherever there is a Krishna consciousness preaching programme, you must participate in it, I will be very happy. I am very happy to see you all, you are all doing a very nice service.

If anyone wants to come, come soon and help me, there is service here, and get a longer visa. I am making a new big temple in Mayapur and need a manager to serve there. I am making 250 rooms and a big restaurant, so a good manager is necessary there. If you have any problem there in Colombia, you can come and stay with me—there are many temples here, you can serve and preach here. But you must send a proper person—someone who really wants to serve.

Gurudev told me that actually an empty goshala is better than naughty cows. Sometimes we also have to tolerate. As Gurudev said, we have five fingers on our hand and these five fingers are not the same, so not all our godbrothers and disciples have the same qualities, but we should try to adjust with that.

It is necessary to have a strongest desire to serve. We should try, and we must be serious in our spiritual life. That is the main thing. The problem is the ego. Ego always eats everything—it eats all good qualities. There is a saying also, "Pride comes before a fall." You can fall down at any time. You may be rich, but because of your ego you can actually be poor. You may have some good quality, but because of your ego, everything can be ruined. You must understand this. We do not come to Krishna consciousness for money, wealth, property, name and fame. We come to be a servant of devotees. I tell it all the time. This is the main thing in our spiritual life.

Do you have any other questions?

Question: How can we please your devotees? How can we serve you?

There are many ways you can serve, Prabhu. I feel very happy when I hear that you maintain your spiritual life properly. If you want to have a skype programme sometimes, you can get in touch with us here and it can be arranged. Also, try to come to India sometimes, serve here. Otherwise, you can preach there also; when new people come, make them devotees. My only request is that our family should grow more and more. Try, and I will be very happy.

The main thing is that you must have chastity for your Guru and you must be sincere about your service. We see that for money, for name and fame, for their own interest people go here and there, tasting everything like prostitutes—men like to taste many women, and women like to taste different men (to go through many husbands). Krishna consciousness life is not like that. You must be chaste to your Guru. That is the main thing.

I also want to tell all the devotees in Colombia, mainly the younger generation: you are studying now, you must learn some English. If you know English, you can visit many places, you can come to India and understand the language well, it will be good. Try and learn English. We have so many books in English, you will be able to read them. I am telling it to you personally: learn English, it will be good for you.

Question: I would like to ask you for your blessings to continue my humble service...

Actually, blessings means kripa, and kripa means you must engage yourself in the service of your Guru and Vaishnavs. It is good that you have arranged this programme, that you are serving the devotees. I am happy with that.

I am always with you. I am always at your service. If you need any spiritual help, I will give my life so that you can maintain your spiritual life.

Question: How can we please you with our service?

I have already told you—practise properly, maintain your spiritual life and preach properly, always keep connection with me. That is my happiness. Serve my Guru and Gurudev's mission in whichever way you can—that is my happiness. We should all together follow the instruction that Gurudev gave everybody and maintain our spiritual life. That is the main thing in our spiritual life.

Jay Gurudev.


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Odds and Ends
'When you say 'Haribol', 'Haribol' comes to their ears—this is what kindness to others is.'


Parama karuna
'O brothers! Serve! Serve Sri Sri Chaitanya-Nitai with firm faith! Leave aside worldly affairs, merge into this rasa, and chant aloud, 'Hari! Hari!''
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If you cannot bow down to the lotus feet of Krishna, bow down to the devotees
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