Unity Is Strength

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj,
Speaking to devotees in Venezuela
29 July 2012, part 5


I am telling this to everybody: we must harmonise with each other, we must talk to each other, and we must remove our ego. Ego is the problem.

It is not good to think, "Oh, Gurudev has kicked somebody out of Nabadwip, but they are still there in the opposition group in Nabadwip, so I will not go to Nabadwip! I will not serve the temple." This is not my job—Gurudev gave me responsibility, and we must be always alert and careful about Gurudev's order. Somebody may think, "Oh, they are staying in the temple, the opposition group are bad people, they say bad things, they do not follow me, why will I go there?" But this is not my job! Gurudev gave me this service, Gurudev gave me this position to serve you all, and it is not true only for me—every devotee also has some responsibility.

If somebody does not take their service seriously, it is very bad. You must understand this. We must think about our service. Some think, "Oh, those who do not like me, who criticise me come to the temple, so I will not go there, I will not serve there." Such mood is not good! We must do what Gurudev told us to do. I also think, "They want to kill me, they want to make a big problem for me," but I do not stop my service—I am trying to serve anyhow. Gurudev gave me this position, and I have to serve him until my death. What have we come to the temple for? We joined Gurudev's mission because we want to serve. Somebody may not like me, but Nityananda Prabhu, Parama Karuna Nitai Gaurachandra like my service, then what is the problem? I cannot understand why I must run away from my service.

So, I want to give this message for everybody—please serve together, please stay together. Unity is strength. If you want to split up thinking, "I have some people, and I want to make another group," it is very bad for our mission. We want to do something together.

Actually, everybody has some ego—somebody cannot tolerate somebody else—that is the problem. But we must make and maintain our mission in this way (together, united). I saw also that in Gurudev's time, devotees made four centres in Malaysia, two centres in Singapore, there are two groups in London, and so on. There are so many groups now, but this is not good for the temple—unity, being together is good. We are becoming divided and the enemy can attack us easily. If we stay united, it is good for us.

What is the problem, anyway? We can invite everybody. I told everybody, even all the Acharya board also—why should we fight among each other? We can invite each other, we can visit each other when we make festivals. It is not necessary to make many groups, to divide into many groups. We are together and we must serve Gurudev together.

I am telling this to everybody—I am giving this message to everybody.

There is some opposition group of Gurudev (those who do not follow our Gurudev's conception, who are against our Gurudev), and we can reject them, we can kick them out them, that is good. If somebody comes to fish in our pond (to take our devotees away to a bad line), we can kick them out, that is not a problem, it is actually good, but if somebody is our Gurudev's devotee, if somebody follows Gurudev's conception, why must we become divided? We will serve together!

Can your understand me well?

Devotees: Yes.

Is it OK with you? Can you tolerate me? I know it is very hard to tolerate me, not everybody can tolerate me because I give very hard words...

Devotees: No...


— • :: • —




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