Maya Devi's Service

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham, India
24 July 2013


Question: How is Maya serving Krishna by creating illusion?

Yes, that is correct—Maya too serves Krishna.

Krishna has three kinds of energies (sakti): maya-sakti, chit-sakti, and jiva-sakti. So, Maya Devi is Krishna's sakti (energy). Also, Krishna Himself said that He had created the illusory environment—Maya too was created by Him.

Everything that exists in this world is coming and going, coming and going—the events all look similar, but it all happens through Maya sakti. Krishna creates the illusory environment and Maya Devi makes Krishna happy. Krishna is waiting when His devotee will come to serve Him voluntarily, and to ensure that Maya Devi comes through Krishna and creates illusion.

Sometimes we also worship Maya Devi. We pray, "O Maya Devi! Please lift this net of illusion!" Without Maya Devi's mercy we cannot see the transcendental abode—we can see it only if Maya Devi gives us her mercy.

Maya Devi gives mercy, and she makes Krishna happy because without her games, without her this world cannot run. Krishna has some desire and He produces everything everywhere through Maya Devi. Everything is going on in this world according to Maya Devi—sometimes it is perfect, sometimes imperfect, but the world is running clearly.

In Srila Sridhar Maharaj's time, Srila Gurudev was going by train and somebody asked him why he did not want to make family life. They argued that if everything is the will of Krishna, then why not get married—if everybody started preaching and became a sannyasi, then how would the next generation, children be produced? Gurudev replied that yes, everything happens by the will of Krishna, and Maya Devi does whatever Krishna desires, so by the will of Krishna everybody does not become a sannyasi. It will not happen, it is not possible.

Everything happens by the will of Krishna, and this is how this world is running smoothly and everything is going on smoothly here. Maya Devi has some duty to Krishna. Maya Devi is Krishna's own and the Guru is Krishna's own, and they both have some duty to Krishna (Maya Devi has her duty and the Guru has his duty). Krishna has gives her service and she is doing her duty. Otherwise everybody would become a sannyasi and go to the Lord—who would take care of this world? That is why Maya Devi has got some service and she follows Krishna's order. This is how she serves and makes Krishna happy.


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