Come What May

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
24 February 2013


Question: We are trying to practise, but sometimes things happen in our lives and we do not know how to act, even though we have heard about the philosophy and the spiritual advice. How can we again focus and understand, "OK, this is happening by the will of the Lord?"

Prahlad Maharaj's father threw him into the sea, threw him down a hill, his mother gave him poison, but what did he do? Smaran (remembering), he only remembered his Gurudev, Krishna, "Whether You kill me, whether You throw me, what is the problem?"

After A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaj went to Russia, one lady devotee was put into jail (due to the religious persecution in the country at the time). She was pregnant, and when her baby was born, a prison officer put his foot on the face of the baby and said, "I will kill your baby if you chant the Holy Name." She replied to him, "No problem. When he leaves his body, I will chant the Holy Name loudly, something will enter his ear, and he will be rescued from this kind of environment."

Problems come, this life is always like this, Prabhu. What can you do? It is the will of Krishna, but all problems will be removed, we must not stop. "তোমার সেবায় দুঃখ হয় যত, সেও ত' পরম সুখ, tomara sevaya duhkha haya yata, seo ta' parama sukha—whatever suffering comes in the course of Your service, it actually gives me so much joy." So many obstacles will come—problems will come, and problems will go—but our life is service to the Lord, our heart is service to the Lord, everything in our life is service to the Lord, and we are grateful for anything that happens. It is said in the sastra that what is in the past is good, what will happen it will be also good.

So, do not think much about it, do not worry about anything, "Krishna, it is Your creation. মারবি রাখবি—যো ইচ্ছা তোমার, marabi rakhabi, yo ichchha tomara: You can kill me, You can save me, it is all right, but until my death I will serve You."


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