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His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Speaking online to devotees in Caracas
28 June 2018, part 1


Today is the installation day of Parama Karuna Nitai Gaurachandra. Every year this day comes and you celebrate it very happily. Nitai Gaur appeared in Caracas many years ago and you have been celebrating this festival every year for fifteen years. Parama Karuna Nitai Gaurachandra have also very happily been taking service from the Caracas devotees for these fifteen years.

There are so many obstacles in your country, you have so many problems, but still you are doing this service for Venezuela without thinking about yourself. So many austerities, so many troubles, so many problems come, but still you serve Parama Karuna Nitai Gaurachandra in this situation in Venezuela, and Nitai Gaurachandra are very happy—They know how much you are suffering. You are struggling to collect some bhog, etc., but Nitai Gaurachandra know how much you do for the Deities. I am also happy with you all because even in this situation you still serve Nitai Gaurachandra.

Krishna, Lord Nityananda, Lord Gaurachandra are always with those who do service without any complaint, with much tolerance and humbly—with the three qualities of humility, tolerance and giving honour to others. You are tolerating so much in this situation—you are suffering so much, facing a very bad and difficult condition—and you set an example for the entire world. You must get the result for this tolerance. I am sure that you will get the result and you will be successful in everything.

I will give you one example of what service mood is. You have heard the story of Gauridas Pandit, a dearmost devotee of Lord Nitai Gaurachandra. Gauridas Pandit had a disciple called Chaitanya Das, who was also a dearmost devotee of Gauridas Pandit. Gauridas Pandit had many disciples—there were many educated and scholarly disciples—but Chaitanya Das was uneducated and like foolish, so Gauridas Pandit told him that his only service was to cultivate and take care of the Deities' garden—to water the trees and plants in the garden. Although Chaitanya Das was uneducated and foolish, he followed what his Guru had told him and did that service (watered the garden) every day. Other devotees always went to their Guru Gauridas Pandit—they would pay him obeisance, hear his lecture, his Hari-katha; but Chaitanya Das said, "I have no time to go to Gurudev because I am always doing the service that Gurudev has given to me." He was also very afraid to come in front of his Guru. So, he did not see his Guru so much and he was always busy with his service because at that time there were not pipe lines—he would go to a pond (the Ganges) and bring water in a bucket on his head, and then give that water to all the plants...

One afternoon, Gauridas Pandit went to see the garden and how Chaitanya Das had been taking care of it. When he came there, he saw so many flowers blooming and he was very happy, "Oh, how nice the garden is! Very good." He was very happy to see it. As soon as Chaitanya Das, who was just coming with a bucket of water on his head, saw his Guru, he was also very happy and smiled, "Oh, my Guru has come today to see my garden! I am very fortunate!" and he immediately put the bucket of water on the ground and paid obeisance to his Guru. When Gauridas Pandit looked at Chaitanya Das and saw his head, he was astonished because Chaitanya Das had a very bad infection in his head and there were so many insects in it, but Chaitanya Das had never complained and he was still bringing the water. Gauridas Pandit said to his disciple Chaitanya Das, "What is this?! You have never told me, you have never complained to me, but you still bring the water on your head! Come, come, come to me." Gauridas Pandit took him to a hospital, provided treatment for him and after that Chaitanya Das's head got cured.

Later, when Gauridas Pandit became very old, he started thinking who would take care of his temple after him, who would be his successor. Even though he had many scholarly and educated disciples, he did not appoint any of them his successor, but he declared Chaitanya Das to be his successor. After Gauridas Pandit's demise (disappearance), everybody was very angry and all these educated scholarly disciples kicked Gauridas Pandit out of the temple. Chaitanya Das did not complain.

When they ousted him from the temple in Kalna, Chaitanya Das went to Vrindavan. There, he slept under a tree and always chanted, chanted, without thinking about anything. He felt, "This is not a problem, I do not need a temple, I can stay under a tree." One day, a big rich merchant from Delhi had a dream. Lord Nityananda Prabhu came to him in a dream and said, "Prabhu, one of My devotees is suffering so much, he does not have any house. You have so much money—please make a temple for him." When the rich man woke up, he wondered, "What is this? I must go and see that devotee." When he arrived in Vrindavan, he saw a sadhu (Chaitanya Das) sitting and chanting the Holy Name under a tree, and he made a temple for Chaitanya Das. After that, Chaitanya Das stayed in that temple and made so many disciples and so many more temples. As for his previous temple in Kalna where Gauridas Pandit and Chaitanya Das stayed, that temple was eventually broken because all the scholars were fighting among each other.

Then, you must understand that those who have the mercy of Nityananda Prabhu, who have the mercy of Gurudev, have everything, but those who do not have any mercy from their Guru and Nityananda Prabhu, have nothing. You can have many temples, many buildings, much money, etc., but if you have no mercy from your Guru, from Nityananda Prabhu, then you have nothing.


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