Srimad Bhakti Vinodaviraha Dasakam
(Prayer in Separation of Srila Bhakti Vinoda Thakura)

By Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Dev-Goswami Maharaj


ha ha bhaktivinoda-thakura! guroh! dvavimsatis te sama
dirghad-duhkha-bharad-asesa-virahad-duhsthikrta bhuriyam
jivanam bahu-janma-punya-nivahakrsto mahi-mandale
avirbhava-krpam chakara cha bhavan sri-gaura-saktih svayam [1]

Alas, alas! O Bhakti Vinoda Thakura, O Supreme Guru, for twenty-two years this world has been plunged into misfortune, long grief-stricken in your intolerable separation. You are the divine potency of Sri Gaura, and you graciously made your advent in this earthly plane, being attracted by the living beings' virtuous deeds performed throughout many lifetimes.

dino 'ham chira-duskrtir na hi bhavat-padabja-dhuli-kana-
snanananda-nidhim prapanna-subhadam labdhum samartho 'bhavam
kintv audarya-gunat-tavati-yasasah karunya-saktih svayam
sri-sri-gaura-mahaprabhoh prakatita visvam samanvagrahit [2]

Since I am lowly and very wretched, it was not my luck to reach the ocean that bestows the fortune of surrender—the ocean of the ecstasy of bathing in a particle of the dust of your holy lotus feet. Yet due to your magnanimous nature, you gave your grace to the whole universe, personally revealing your supereminence as the personification of the mercy potency of Sri Gauranga. (That is, by coming into this world, I received his grace.)

he deva! stavane tavakhila-gunanam te virinchadayo
deva vyartha-mano-rathah kim u vayam martyadhamah kurmahe
etan no vibudhaih kadapy atisayalankara ity uchyatam
sastresv eva "na paraye 'ham" iti yad gatam mukundena tat [3]

O Lord, even all the demigods headed by Lord Brahma feel frustrated by their inability to (fittingly) sing the glories of all your divine qualities. What, then, can be said of the attempt of a fallen soul, a mere human like me? Surely, the learned will never waste their eloquent words eulogizing this statement, since even the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krsna Himself, has sung in the Scriptures His celebrated confession na paraye 'ham—'I am unable (to reciprocate your devotion).'

dharmas-charma-gato 'jnataiva satata yogas ca bhogatmako
jnane sunya-gatir japena tapasa khyatir jighamsaiva cha
dane dambhikata 'nuraga-bhajane dustapacharo yada
buddhim buddhi-matam vibheda hi tada dhatra bhavan presitah [4]

At a time when religion was evaluated in terms of bodily relationship, saintliness was determined by ignorance, and yoga practice was motivated by sensual pleasure; when scholarship was cultivated just for voidism, japa was conducted for the sake of fame, and penance was performed out of vindictiveness; when charity was given out of pride, and on the pretext of spontaneous devotion the most gross, sinful acts were perpetrated—and in all such anomalous situations even the intelligentsia were at loggerheads with one another... at that very time, you were sent by the Almighty Creator.

visve 'smin kiranair yatha hima-karah sanjivayann osadhir
naksatrani ca ranjayan nija-sudham vistarayan rajate
sac-chastrani ca tosayan budha-ganam sammodayams te tatha
nunam bhumi-tale subhodaya iti hlado bahuh satvatam [5]

As the universally cooling moon is beautified by diffusing its nectarean rays, nourishing the plants and inciting the twinkling of the stars, your Holy Advent in this world is similarly ascertained as satisfying the pure devotional Scriptures (through profound study) and blessing the learned with full-blown happiness (by the perfect axiomatic conclusions descending in Divine Succession). With your appearance, the ecstasy of the devotees knows no bounds.

lokanam hita-kamyaya bhagavato bhakti-pracharas tvaya
granthanam rachanaih satam abhimatair nana-vidhair darsitah
acharyaih krta-purvam eva kila tad ramanujadyair budhaih
premambho-nidhi-vigrahasya bhavato mahatmya-sima na tat [6]

By writing many books and by multifarious methods recognized by the pure devotees, you have demonstrated the preaching of pure devotional service unto the Supreme Lord, for the benefit of the whole world. We have heard of similar achievements in previous times by stalwart scholars such as Sri Ramanuja and many other Acharyas; but the glory of you—the very embodiment of the nectar of divine love—does not end (cannot be confined) here.

yad dhamnah khalu dhama chaiva nigame brahmeti samjnayate
yasyamsasya kalaiva duhkha-nikarair yogesvarair mrgyate
vaikunthe para-mukta-bhrnga-charano narayano yah svayam
tasyamsi bhagavan svayam rasa-vapuh krsno bhavan tat pradah [7]

Merely the effulgence of His divine abode has been designated by the title 'Brahman' in the Vedas, and only the expansion of an expansion of His expansion is sought after with great tribulation by the foremost yogis. The most exalted of the liberated souls shine resplendent as the bumblebees at His lotus feet. The Primeval Origin of even the Original Sri Narayana who is the Lord of the spiritual sky above Brahman: He is the Original Supreme Lord, the personification of all nectarine mellows—Sri Krsna—and He is the one that you give.

sarvachintyamaye paratpara-pure goloka-vrndavane
chil-lila-rasa-rangini parivrta sa radhika sri-hareh
vatsalyadi-rasais cha sevita-tanor-madhurya-seva-sukham
nityam yatra muda tanoti hi bhavan tad dhama-seva-pradah [8]

Situated in the topmost region of the absolutely inconceivable spiritual sky is the holy abode of Sri Vrndavana Dhama, in the spiritual planet known as Goloka. There, surrounded by Sakhis, Srimati Radhika revels in the mellows of divine pastimes. With great ecstasy, She expands the joy of loving sweetness in the service of Sri Krsnacandra, who is otherwise served in four relationships up to parenthood. You, O Thakura Bhakti Vinoda, can give us the service of that holy Dhama.

sri-gauranumatam svarupa-viditam rupagrajenadrtam
rupadyaih parivesitam raghu-ganair asvaditam sevitam
jivadyair abhiraksitam suka-siva-brahmadi-sammanitam
sri-radha-pada-sevanamrtam aho tad datum iso bhavan [9]

The internal purport is known to Sri Svarupa Damodara by the sanction of Sri Gauracandra, of that which is adored by Sri Sanatana Goswami and distributed by the preceptors realized in transcendental mellows, headed by Sri Rupa Goswami; that which is tasted and enhanced by Sri Raghunatha Dasa Goswami and followers and carefully protected by the votaries headed by Sri Jiva Prabhu; and that which (from a respectful distance) is venerated by great personalities such as Sri Suka, Lord Siva, the chief of the demigods, and Lord Brahma, the grandfather of all beings—O wonder of wonders! the nectarine rapture of servitude unto Sri Radhika—that, too, you can give us.

kvaham manda-matis tv ativa-patitah kva tvam jagat-pavanah
bho svamin krpayaparadha-nichayo nunam tvaya ksamyatam
yache 'ham karuna-nidhe! varam imam padabja-mule bhavat-
sarvasvavadhi-radhika-dayita-dasanam gane ganyatam [10]

Where am I, so lowly and fallen, and where are you, the great soul who delivers the universe! O Lord, by your grace, you are sure to forgive my offenses. O ocean of mercy, in the dust of your lotus feet I pray for just this benediction: kindly make my life successful by recommending me for admission into the group of Sri Varsabhanavi Dayita Dasa, who is the dearmost one in your heart.


Translator's Note:

The preceding prayer to Srila Bhakti Vinoda Thakura (1838-1914), the pioneer of pure devotion in the recent age, was composed within the lifetime of the author's Guru, Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakura Goswami Prabhupada. Upon reading the original Sanskrit verse, Srila Prabhupada commented, "Now I am confident that we have one man who is qualified to uphold the standard of our Sampradaya (Divine Succession)."


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Akrodha paramananda
Amara jivana
Atmanivedana tuya pade

Bara sukhera khabara gai
Bhajahu re mana
Bhaja re bhaja re amar
Bhuliya tomare
bimala hema jini

Chaudda-sata sata-sake
Dhana mora Nityananda
Durlabha manava janma

Ei-bara karuna kara
E ghora samsare
Emona durmati

Gaurangera duti pada
Gaya gora madhur svare
Gopinath (Nivedana)
Gurudev! Bada krpa kari
Gurudev! Krpa-bindu diya

Ha ha bhakti-vinoda
Hari haraye Namah Krsna
Hari he dayala mora
He deva bhavantam vande

Jagannatha-suta (Nadiya nagare nitai neche)
Janama saphala ta'ra
Jaya guru maharaja (Sri Guru arati-stuti)
Jaya Guru Maharaja karuna-sagara (Sri Sri Nitai-Chaitanya arati)
Jaya jaya Gorachander
Jaya jaya gurudeva karuna-sagara (Sri Guru Sri Gaura Sri Nityananda Arati)
Jaya jaya gurudeva karuna-sagara (Sri Nitai Gauranga Arati, Nrisingha Palli)
Jaya jaya gurudever (Sri Guru arati)
Jayare jayare jaya Gaura-Saraswati
Jayare jayare jaya paramahamsa
Jaya Radha-Madhava
Jaya Radhe, Jaya Krsna

Kabe habe bolo
Kabe Sri Chaitanya more
Kali kukura kadana
Ke yabi ke yabi
Ki jani ki bale
Ki-rupe paiba seva

Mana tumi tirthe sada rata
Manasa deha geha

Namo namah tulasi maharani
Nitai amara dayara avadhi
Nitai gunamani amara

Parama karuna

Radha bhajane yadi
Radhe Radhe Govinda

Samsara-davanala (Sri Gurvastakam)
Sarvasva tomara
Sri-gaura-mandala majhe
Sri Guru-charana-padma
Sri Guru-Parampara
Sri Guru-charana-padma
Sri Hari-vasare
Sri Krsna Chaitanya Prabhu daya kara more
Sri Krsna-Chaitanya Prabhu jive daya kari
Srila Raghunath Das Goswami Sochaka
Srimad Rupa-pada-rajah Prarthana Dasakam
Sri Nrsimha, Jaya Nrsimha
Sri Rupa-manjari-pada
Sri Sad-Goswamy-Astakam
Sri Sri Damodarastakam
Sri Srimad Gaura-Kishor-Namaskar Dasakam
Sri Sri Siksastakam
Sujanarvuda-radhita (Sri Sri Prabhupada-padma Stavakah)
Suno he rasika-jana

Thakura vaisnava-gana

Udila aruna

Vaisnav ke?
Vaisnava Thakura dayara
Varaja-vipine yamuna kule

Yadi Gaura na ha'ta
Yasoda-Nandana Krsna
Yasomati-stanya-payi (Nagare nagare gora gay)
Ye anila prema-dhana (Viraha-giti)

Dasavidha Nama-Aparadha





The Meaning of Sahajiya
'We cook to please Krishna, to make Krishna happy. It is not like you are doing some nonsense and think you are making Krishna happy. If you use Krishna's name, use Gurudev's name, but actually you cook and eat it yourself without offering it to Guru, Krishna, it is sahajiya.'



We can only proceed in our spiritual life by the mercy of the Guru,
by the mercy of the Vaishnavs.